News review of the day – September 11th

Message addressed by Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea on the 14th commemoration of September 11 terrorist attacks

Gabriel Oprea: On the marking of 14 years since the bloodiest terrorist attacks in recent history, as Deputy Prime Minister for National Security and Minister of Home Affairs, I would like to express my compassion and solidarity with the American people.

Romanians have always been supporting with their heart those who suffered after the attacks committed on September 11th 2001 in New York and Washington DC, aware of the fact that years gone by could not alleviate the pain of people who lost dear ones or the suffering of the wounded.

Effects of these tragical events have affected the whole world. Although most of the victims were Americans, numerous other foreign citizens have perished as well. All countries sharing democratic values, peace and freedom ideals, have engaged the war against terrorism – a war we have not won yet but whom we are decided to fight until the end – as a committment undertaken in front of our citizens.
Attacks in the United States and more recent ones in European countries have demonstrated that terrorism can strike anytime, any place and no country can feel safe enough in front of this scourge.
Increased co-operation with our strategic partners and consolidation of our response capacities are essential to prevent or counteract similar tragedies.
Alongside its European and North Atlantic partners, Romania remains engaged in international efforts to prevent terrorism and extremism, aware of the need for this common and solidary effort to be able to ensure security and safety of all our citizens.

High Court rules to resume criminal proceedings against two former Education ministers

Romania’s  High Court of Cassation and Justice has ruled to resume criminal proceedings against two former Education ministers, Alexandru Athanasiu and Ecaterina Andronescu. Three days ago, the magistrates examined the petition introduced by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) to resume proceedings in a file targeting the two former officials for abuse of office and public procurements made during their terms of office as education ministers. Judicial sources have stated for Radio Romania that the acts in this file are similar to those in the Microsoft file for which the two are already being investigated.

Traffic restrictions in central Bucharest for the Auto Show

Traffic on several roads in central Bucharest is going to be restricted this week-end. Starting this evening, traffic around Constitution Square will be gradually restricted from 10 PM until Sunday on the occasion of Bucharest Auto Show. Police has recommened alternate routes through Calea 13 Septembrie and Libertatii, Regina Maria and Splaiul Independentei boulevards. On Saturday and Sunday, the same area in Constitution Square will be closed for a moto  and vintage car parade whilst Calea 13 Septembrie will be closed for Romanian Firefighters Day.

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