Wednesday, September 16th

Romanian government expected to approve the country’s strategy on migration

A national strategy on migration for 2015 – 2018 and an action plan for the last quarter of the year could be approved at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, according to a government statement. The meeting agenda also includes talks concerning a draft law designed to amend and complete the existing Adoption Law and Romania’s Fiscal Code. Amid Europe’s refugee crisis, Romanian Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea said the country would politely refuse to take in more than the 1,785 asylum seekers it initially agreed to while Romania’s prime minister criticized Hungary for planning to put up a wire fence along part of its border with Romania to slow down the flow of migrants. Victor Ponta said Tuesday on his Facebook page that „barbed wire, aggressive laws, prison and brutality will not solve problems.”
The current Adoption Law was repeatedly criticised for not complying with the international standards governing intercountry adoptions and that it was in violation of Romania’s obligations under the United Nations’ International Convention on the Rights of the Child and under the HCIA. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and the head of Romania’s National Bank Mugur Isărescu expressed their concern about the new Fiscal Code. President Iohannis and Governor Isărescu said Romania must be cautious with its economic policies as not to disrupt the current balance, which was attained with much effort. Romania’s international creditors (IMF and the European Commission) also opposed the new Fiscal Code, which would increase Romania’s budget deficit.

Histria 2015 military training exercises taking place in Romania

Further live field training exercise are taking place on training areas across Romania on Wednesday. The Histria 2015 programme involves thousands of military, law&order and national security servicemen. The training area of Dud-Tăuţ in the Romanian western county of Arad will host live-firing exercises of Romanian infantry while similar exercises are taking place in Jegălia, a community in the Romanian southern county of Călăraşi, and Sfântu Gheorghe on river Danube in eastern Romania. US marines and sailors from the Black Sea Rotational Force, along with members of the Romanian Armed Forces worked together in many operations across different locations during the Platinum Lynx exercise coming to an end also in Dud-Tăuţ on Wednesday.

Gaudeamus School Book Fairs opens in Bucharest

A new edition of the Gaudeamus School Book Fair opens in the Cişmigiu Garden of the capital Bucharest on Wedesday. Organised by Radio Romania, the event in Cişmigiu near the Gheorghe Lazăr National College will host an exhibition where visitors can make their choice and buy textbooks published by Romania’s Education Ministry along with resources for class and individual learning. Also available are the books included in school bibliography with fairy tales, short stories, poetry and novels of Romanian and world literature. With visiting hours between 10 AM and 7:30 PM, the book fair will close on Sunday, September 20.

Alexandru Danga