Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Bucharest – International conference „Reflections on the United Europe”

„Reflections on the United Europe” is the theme of an international conference organized by the Romanian Academy which starts  today in Bucharest. Held under the title „Is science a dimension of European identity?”, the seminar brings together over 40 representatives of European cultural and scientific elite from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Algeria and Israel. The debates will focus on the ability of science to help define Europe’s identity. (RADIO ROMANIA reports).

Statement of the Chinese Ambassador to Bucharest, Xu Feihong

Today is the National Day of China. The moment was already marked in Bucharest through several events, including book launches, the opening of a photo exhibition at the National Library and a meeting of the students from A.D. Xenopol school with members of the Chinese Corps Diplomatique. In an exclusive statement for Radio Romania, the Chinese Ambassador to Bucharest, Xu Feihong, referred to the relations between the two countries. „The governments have an important role for mutual understanding between the two peoples and the authorities must do more to promote exchanges in our countries. The Cultural Institute and Confucius Institute that we have in Romania are a platform to promote these exchanges”, said Xu Feihong. He added that „We must encourage tourism in both directions, to encourage young people to learn Romanian and Chinese languages”. The Chinese Ambassador also stressed that „Romania and China are countries with an ancient civilization and a long history and that is why we have much to do to boost our bilateral exchanges”. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)/astrugar

Meeting between Prime Minister Victor Ponta and representatives of civil society and local authorities on refugee crisis

Refugee crisis management is the theme of today’s meeting between Prime Minister Victor Ponta and representatives of civil society and local public authorities. The talks are held at the request of members of civil society who have recently called on authorities to reconsider their attitude regarding this crisis. So, Pro Democracy Association, Civil Society Development Foundation, Save the Children Romania, Academic Society in Romania and APADOR-CH asked the authorities to give a signal of trust, humanity and solidarity. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)