News review of the day – December 21st

Commemoration services for heroes of the Romanian Revolution in 1989

Commemoration services for heroes who died during the Romanian Anti-Communist Revolution in 1989 are expected in the capital Bucharest in the coming days. Romanian officials and citizens will attend wreath-laying ceremonies at the Revolution Heroes’ Cemetery, the Wooden Crosses at the Colţea Hospital, the University and Roman Plazas and the Dalles Hall on Monday and Tuesday. On 22 December 1989, Romania’s Communist leader Nicolae Ceauşescu was overthrown in a violent revolution and fled from the capital. The day marked the beginning of a popular uprising in Bucharest. Three days later, Ceauşescu and his wife Elena were executed by a firing squad. Other red spots of clashes across the capital also included the Revolution Plaza and headquarters of the country’s national Radio and Television.

The Colectiv Club Case: two suspects under house arrest

Two minority shareholders in the Colectiv Club business were moved to house arrest on Monday for their alleged involvement in a tragedy two months ago when more than 60 people died in a deadly fire. The decision is final. Club owner Alin Anastasescu remains in custody. The two, Costin Mincu, and Paul Cătălin Gancea, and Mr. Anastasescu were arrested on November 3 on charges of manslaughter and bodily injury. The blaze took hold at the Colectiv club on October 30, causing a stampede for the exit. The fire is believed to have been caused by fireworks that were let off inside the club. 22 people are still in Bucharest hospitals with two in critical condition while other 22 victims are in hospitals abroad.

Romanian shepherds ready for renewed protests

The Romanian shepherds are ready to resume their protests unless provisions in the country’s Hunting Law are changed by the end of January next year, according to a statement issued by Romania’s Agrostar Federation on Monday. Agrostar representatives claim that an agreement last week was not supposed to solve all the problems. However, provisions in the current law were suspended until April 25 next year. More than 1,000 shepherds have broken through police lines into the grounds of Romania’s parliament last week to protest against a law that regulates the number of sheepdogs they can use. Some 4,000 shepherds had travelled from rural parts of Romania last Tuesday for the protest in Bucharest. They were angry about a law that would limit the number of dogs that could guard their sheep, as well as a ban on grazing from December to April.

Romania’s hugely acclaimed actress Stela Popescu at 80

Stela Popescu is one of Romania’s theatre legends highly praised for her stage, screen and TV appearences also in famous duets with such actors as Ştefan Bănică and Alexandru Arşinel. Stela Popescu was born on December 21, 1935 in Orhei (today’s Republic of Moldova known at the time as the Romanian province of Bessarabia). Romanian President Klaus Iohannis awarded Stela Popescu the Title of Knight of Star of Romania’s National Order – the highest civil order of Romania – on the occasion of her 80th anniversary. One of Radio Romania’s greatest voices, Stela Popescu was also celebrated at the radio premiere of „Nation Stay Awake!”, a radioplay by Niculae Urs based on I.L. Caragiale’s „Mr. Leonida Facing the Opposition”.

Alexandru Danga