Friday, January 29th, 2016

Izvoarele Nerei Forest to be included in UNESCO’s world heritage sites

The Izvoarele Nerei Forest, in the National Park Semenic-Cheile Carasului, in Southwestern Romania, is one step away from being added to UNESCO’s world heritage sites. It is the largest beech rainforest in the continental Europe. Environmental activists have beein capmapgning since 2011 to include more than 20,000 acres of beech rain forests in Romania to UNESCO’s world heritage. The beech can reach 40 meters in height and a diameter of over 1.5 meters, in 300 years. It is extremely important for the environment, as it produces more oxygen than the fir, the spruce or the pine.

Ceremony to mark the departure of 420 Romanian soldiers to Afghanistan

A ceremony to mark the departure of 420 Romanian soldiers to Afghanistan has been held in Bucharest, on Thursday. The soldiers, who are part of the 2nd Infantry Battalion Calugareni, will provide security for the Kandahar Air Base and will train Afghan Army personnel. Members of this squadron have taken part in several missions in Afghanistan, as well as in Angola an Iraq and received multiple international decorations, due to their skills.

Romania’s budget deficit has dropped last year to 1.5% of the GDP

Last year’s budget deficit in Romania has reached 10 billion lei, the equivalent of 1.5% of the Gross Domestic Product, with more than one billion lei lower than in 2014. According to data released by the Finance Ministry, the authorities spent large amounts of money and, accordingly the budgetary surplus of 5 billion lei, in November, has turned into a shortage of 10 billion. Out of the money spent in December, 7 billion lei were used to co-finance the projects that benefitted from European funding.

President Klaus Iohannis has signed smoking ban into law

The Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, has signed into law a bill that bans smoking in public places. The draft legislation was approved by the decisional body in parliament, the Deputy Chamber, in December and will come into force 45 days after its publication in the country’s Official Gazette. From then on, smoking will be prohibited in all public places, except for the detention centers and special facilities set up in airports. The bill was contested in the Constitutional Court, but two days ago, the judges decided that it complies with the Constitution.

Madalina Brotacel