News review of the day – February 3rd

Romania’ s FM welcomes decision by the Pentagon to raise its Europe-defense budget

Romania’s Foreign Ministry considers that United States DoD’s budget raise by fourfold for European defense purposes is a confirmation of the strong commitment towards risk-factor deterrence and a proof of efforts meant to ensure a robust military presence in Europe. The FM also considers measures by the United States will significantly concur to security of both Romania and other allied countries amid current challenges in the region. In 2017, the Pentagon will raise its budget for Europe to 3.4 billion dollars, given the new strategic background triggered by Russia’s actions and the ascension of the Islamic State, Radio Romania reported.

French Army’s Chief of Staff General Pierre de Villiers on a visit to Bucharest

Romania and France are supporting each other’s efforts to counteract international terrorism and authorities in Bucharest have reiterated their solidarity within the difficult context generated by the recent Paris attacks. Romania’s Defense Minister Mihnea Motoc has met today in Bucharest with French Army’s Chief of Staff General Pierre de Villiers whom he reassured in regard to further military co-operation between the two countries. The talks also appraoched the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw on the background of the strategic-adaption process of the Alliance. The French military official has also met with his Romanian counterpart, General Nicolae Ciucă, for talks regarding security-situation developments in the Black Sea region and participation of Romanian troops in operations theatres, Radio Romania reported.

Romania’s seaside and Danube Delta to be promoted for Russian tourists

The Black Sea riviera in Romania and the Danube Delta are going to be advertised this summer for Russian tourists who are currently re-thinking their holiday options after their most sought-for markets in Egypt and Turkey have been affected by the tense political situation in the region. The first step has already been made by Russian athletes in the national karate team who will go into training in Sulina this June alongside Romania’s national team. The agreement was signed by The „Seaside-Danube Delta” Association  and the relevant Russian sports federation. The association will also promote Mamaia resort at the Black Sea, on the occasion of the European Karate Championships which is going to take place in Moscow this spring. The program aims to attract Russian tourists with promotional tariffs inspired by the annual „Seaside for all” discount programme.

One of the largest open-air cinemas in Romania will function this summer season in Constantza city

One of the largest open-air cinemas in Romania will start functioning in the downtown of Constanzta city, in Ovidius Square. Between June and September, the cinema will be open every week-end and the access will be free of charge. With a capacity of 700 seats, the cinema will screen surround-sound movies (feature, classical or modern, documnetaries, children’s movies) on a 90 square-meter screen, Radio Romania reported.

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