News review of the day – June 1st

President Iohannis rejects statements made by Vladimir Putin

During the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Romania is going to plead for an enhanced attention towards the Black Sea, considered crucial for the regional and Euro-Atlantic security, according to a statement made yesterday by President Klaus Iohannis. Speaking at the opening conference of a program organized by the Romanian Intelligence Service – “Security in the Black Sea Region. Shared challenges, sustainable future” – the head of state rejected recent statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the missile defense site in Deveselu:

Klaus Iohannis: Recent statements by the Russian Federation regarding the anti-ballistic missile system are substantively incorrect, as this system has nothing to do with Russia. So, they cannot intimidate us.

Environment NGOs say completion of nuclear reactors in Cernavoda cannot be justified

Energy consumers in Romania will be the ones paying for the state aids the Cabinet promised for the completion of the third and fourth nuclear reactors in Cernavoda – according to a press statement made by  Lavinia Andrei, president of „Terra Mileniul 3” environment NGO. The public attitude follows a report on this project adopted by the Supreme Council of National Defense, considered a priority investment for Romania.
According to data presented by „Terra Mileniul 3” and the group of European NGOs Joint Project, the nuclear energy sector faces a downward trend, with existent reactors reaching the end of their life span and new ones being built less often. Environment organisations therefore consider the completion of the two reactors in Cernavoda cannot be justified, also taking into account the high costs involved that usually rely on state aids by imposing a fixed price in the long run for the produced energy. NGOs also argued the obvious decline of the nuclear energy sector by the lack of technology upgrade and experts over the last few years, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Recruitment process for public hospital managers to be put on hold for several weeks

The recruitment process for public hospital managers is going to be put on hold for several weeks, according to an announcement made today by the Health Ministry which is currently working on a new framework. The new requirements will include clearly-stated performance criteria, hygiene standards will be set for medical units and patient opinions will have a say in the evaluation process of hospital managers – RADIO ROMANIA reported, quoting the ministry’s spokesperson Laurenţiu Colintineanu.

June 1st might be declared a holiday in Romania

Starting next year, June 1st might be declared a holiday for all Romanians, should the draft bill already introduced to the Parliament obtain the vote of senators and deputies. 85 MPs from all political parties are supporting the initiative which is subject to public debate in the Senate until Sunday.
Initiators argue that the time parents spend with their children represents the most efficient and simple way to create and consolidate a healthy parent-child relationship. A holiday dedicated to the children could benefit their development, strengthen the relationships and make parents realize the importance of these moments. Legislators also think parents must be aware that the time they spend with their children is very important and the way they choose to make use of this time in their relationships can decisively influence the child’s subsequent evolution. June 1st should be declared a holiday for all Romanians, irrespective of them being parents or not, the legislators added – RADIO ROMANIA reports.

Government project supporting vulnerable children in 45 communities

Integrated services meant to prevent violence and disease among children represent a priority for the Labour Ministry, according to a statement made by minister Dragoş Pâslaru during the UNICEF Gala marking 25 years of activity in Romania, organised yesterday in Bucharest. The official mentioned that communities must have teams of health visitors, social and medical assistants, supported by school counselors, that should help the most vulnerable children. Currently, the Labour Ministry coordinates such a project in 45 communities in Bacau County. The practice will be evaluated nationwide in order to extend this approach to people with disabilities as well, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

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