Friday, 14 October

Orthodox Christians celebrate Saint Paraskeva, the protector of Moldavia

Orthodox Christians celebrate on Friday Saint Paraskeva, the protector of Moldavia. 70,000 pilgrims sent up their prayers since the beginning of the week at the shrine with relics which is placed in the courtyard of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi. As low temperatures are expected during the night, representatives of the Moldovan Metropolitan Seat increased the number of first-aid personnel, and worshipers who will stand in line to worship the relics will be offered packages with food and hot tea – Radio Romania Iasi reports.

Legislative changes relating to doctoral schools, challenged at the Constitutional Court of Romania

Legislative changes regarding doctoral schools were challenged at the Constitutional Court of Romania in two different complaints: one from the Liberal Party and the other from the Government. The Executive considers that copyright protection is not ensured, and the Liberals insist that the principle of bicameralism wasn’t applied. The challenged document stipulates that the authority entitled to prove plagiarism and subsequently cancel the title of Doctor of Science should be the universities, instead of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates, which is the present rule.

Job Fair „Top Employers”at the Palace Hall, Bucharest

On Friday and Saturday, the Palace Hall in Bucharest is hosting the „Top Employers” job fair, with an offer of over 5,000 job opportunities, including IT, sales, services, engineering, marketing and financial-banking. Professional and personal development workshops, as well as conferences for technology enthusiasts will be organized. Job seekers will receive a free guide entitled „The Most Wanted Employers’ Plans for 2016”, complete with details about the largest recruiting event of the year – the organizers announced.

Nearly 1,300 people were evacuated from the path of floods in Galaţi County

Local authorities of Galaţi County are making efforts to remove the effects of the devastating floodings caused by the recent heavy rainfalls. Support and assistance from Bucharest have already arrived in Galaţi County, where nearly 1,300 people were evacuated from the endangered areas. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Raed Arafat, said that water and food were sent in the area, as well as three water treatment plants. However, the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, criticized the poor performance of the authorities, whose intervention occured only after the water had wreaked havoc. The president proposed preventive measures in the form of the construction of dams and other ways to keep river beds under control.

Radio România Actualităţi, October 25: a commemorative premiere within the National Radio Drama Project

Radio România Actualităţi will release on October 25 (the King’s Birthday) the radio drama „The Choice”, as part of the National Radio Drama Project – a play in one act written by Their Majesties King Michael and Queen Anne in Versoix, 1960. The radio staging and the artistic direction belong to Ion Andrei Puican, and the cast includes Ion Caramitru, Victor Rebengiuc and George Mihăiţă. The show is part of a larger program of events celebrating His Majesty King Michael, who reaches the age of 95. For Radio Romania, the staging of „The Choice” represents a natural continuation of the partnership with the Royal House and a gesture of reverence towards the Royal Family of Romania.

Magda Baciu, RADOR