Wednesday, February 8th 2017

Ana Birchall gave assurances in Brussels that the government wants to continue the fight against corruption

Minister Delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall agreed in Brussels with the European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová and with European Commission Deputy Secretary-General Paraskevi Michou a communication system between the authorities in Bucharest and the European Commission, including in matters of justice, such as, for example, the recent legislative measures taken by the Romanian Government, which provoked protests. In Brussels, Ana Birchall assured that the executive wants to continue the fight against corruption.
Ana Birchall: „I reiterated Bucharest and Romanian government’s determination to identify the best solutions to the problems raised to continue the fight against corruption as an essential premise to strengthening the rule of law. We have established a direct line of communication both between the Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and between the Commission and the Justice Ministry. I received support for all the decisions of the Constitutional Court to be transposed into Romanian legislation„. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

The opinion of the Governor of the National Bank of Romania about the state budget for 2017

The state budget for 2017 is ambitious regarding the revenues and optimistic regarding the expenses, said the Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu. He stated that the current political and social tensions do not have a positive impact on financial stability, but for the time being the economy does not seem to be affected by these developments. Mugur Isarescu: „We believe that in prices and financial stability point of view, a budget with a deficit lower than 3 percent is helpful for the monetary policy. I haven’t forgotten about the budget construction and I believe that this budget is an ambitious one, especially regarding the revenues. In respect to the expenses, I believe the budget is rather optimistic, taking into account the manner in which the expenses were made in the previous years”. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

American military ground forces are expected to arrive at „Mihail Kogalniceanu” air base in Constanta

The 500 soldiers of the American ground forces deployed in Europe who left from Poland to Romania will be installed these days at „Mihail Kogalniceanu” air base in Constanta county. They will carry out shooting exercises at the Training Center in Smârdan, Tulcea county and will participate in multinational exercises planned for this year alongside Romanian troops from tanks and mechanized infantry subunits – informs the Ministry of National Defence. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu