Friday, March 17th 2017

Bucharest City Hall has an estimated budget of 1.1 billion euros

Bucharest City Hall has an estimated budget of 1.1 billion euros, announced General Mayor Gabriela Firea. 83 million euros were allocated for healthcare, 15 for providing medical equipment to the 19 hospitals in the capital, 7 million for schools, 125 for RADET, 121 million for the subsidy regarding the price difference at the transport of passengers, 7 million for RATB endowment program with new means of transport. For bridges, passage ways, parks and bike trails 80 million euros will be allocated. The project is in the public debate for 15 days. „I am convinced that there will be amendments”, said Mayor Gabriela Firea, „I am also convinced that general counsellors will want to make certain amendments in the specialized committees of the General Council, but we are open to improving this budget, all for the benefit of those living in Bucharest. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

1200 Romanian and American troops participate in „Spring Storm 17” exercise

1200 Romanian and American troops will participate in „Spring Storm 17” exercise, organized by the Romanian Navy across different parts of the Black Sea and the littoral zone of Capu Midia. The exercise is part of NATO measures to ensure collective security in the Black Sea and it is the second this month. The main goal of the exercise is enhancing interoperability between Romanian and American soldiers and improving the skills to command and carry out a joint amphibious operation. The exercise includes complex defence actions of the Romanian littoral and urban zones with the support of naval, land and air forces. According to the scenario, landing of the Romanian and American Marines detachments from the USS Carter Hall landing ship are scheduled for this weekend. „Spring Storm 17” exercise also includes launching anti-aircraft missiles, firing 82 mm howitzers and with infantry weapons, all at the ground-to-air shooting range in Capu Midia. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis met IMF Mission Chief for Romania Reza Baqi

Romania needs healthy economic policies that would consolidate the economic growth that Romania has registered in recent years, especially in the context in which the current fiscal-budgetary framework presents a series of risks and vulnerabilities, emphasised International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission Chief for Romania Reza Baqi during the meeting he had at Cotroceni Palace with President Klaus Iohannis. IMF representatives pointed out that Romania needs to raise its performance in absorbing European grants and to significantly improve tax collection, but also to continue to back the fight against corruption. In turn, Romanian President pointed out the importance of boosting confidence in the Romanian economy through credible public policies, efficiency and the transparency of public spending, but also through a competitive framework for the business sector. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu – RADOR