Wednesday, May 10th

Romanian Prime Minister has met the Austrian Chancellor in Vienna

„I thank Austria for the support it offers Romania for its accession to the Schengen area”, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has said, on Tuesday, during a joint press-conference with the Austrian Chancellor, Christian Kern. Mr. Kern has stressed that Romania is an important political, economic and cultural partner for Austria and added that Austrian companies have already invested ten billion euros in Romania, two of which were invested last year. „Cooperation works very well. We have some very large projects in Romania, there are big companies that have invested a lot and I think that framework-conditions will improve and then I believe that the investments will increase. Sorin Grindeanu and Chancellor Kern have also discussed about the future of the EU after Brexit, the strategy for the Danube region and a series of common projects, and also about cohesion funds. The situation of Romanians who live and work in Austria was also discussed.

President Klaus Iohannis has called for a stronger role for Romania at European level

In a speech in Parliament marking Europe’s day, on Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis has pleaded for strengthening Romania’s role in Europa, saying that the accession to the Euro zone will be an essential step in this direction. Ten years after the county has joined the European Union, Romanians are deeply attached to the values that define the EU and are determined to advance the integration process, President Iohannis has said. He underlined that Romania wanted to be part of a Union able to deliver practical results in the areas that directly concern its citizens and added that the country strongly supported a deeper European integration.
Klaus Iohannis: Romania’s goal is to be next to those member states that act in order to consolidate the European Union. The closer we will be to this core of states, the more we will matter in the European decision-making process and will have more chances for development. In this context, it is in our interest that the process to deepen the European integration to continue. Romania’s accession to the Euro zone, as soon as possible, when all conditions will be met, is an essential step to strengthen Romania’s role at European level.

Royalty Day in Romania is marked with a ceremony in the Bucharest’s Palace Square

A ceremony to mark the Royalty Day in Romania is taking place in Bucharest’s Palace Square. Princess Margaret and Prince Radu have arrived to witness a military ceremony and wreath laying at the statue of King Carol the 1st.

Romania will participate in the second semifinal of the Eurovision song contest, in Kiev, with the song „Yodel It”

Romania will enter the Eurovision contest on Thursday, in the second semifinal, with the song „Yodel It”, written by Mihai Alexandru and performed by Ilinca and Alex Florea. According to the head of the Romanian delegation, Iuliana Marciuc, Romania’s representatives are among the first 10 favorites, in all classifications made so far. After last night’s first semifinal, 10 countries, including the Republic of Moldova, have qualified for the final contest. The Eurovision final will take place on Saturday and this year’s edition is attended by 42 countries. Romania has contested Eurovision 19 times, starting from 1994.

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