Wednesday, May 17th

The European Commission has asked Romania to increase the refugee admission rate

The European Commission has mentioned Romania among the member states that need to intensify the rate of refugee admission. Commission data shows that Romania has taken 568 of the 4.180 refugee quota that is has assumed. The European Union has decided that, in a solidarity move, all EU states must receive until this autumn 160,000 refugees from overcrowded camps in Italy and Greece, but so far only a little over 10% have been relocated. Hungary, Poland and Austria continue to be the only states that have not transferred even a single person. The Romanian Minister for European Affairs, Ana Birchall, has told Radio Romania that, as far as migration is concerned, there were discussions in Brussels on a tighter cooperation between countries of origin and transit states.

The cyber-attack on a public institution in Romania has been countered by SRI, without any damages

Las week’s cyber-attack on a public institution in Romania has been countered by the Romanian Intelligence Service, without any damages reported or the entity’s activity being affected, the President of SRI control panel, Adrian Tutuianu, has said on Wednesday. He pointed out that the SRI action has taken place after a notification from NATO and Foreign Intelligence Service. Senator Tutuianu has warned that the technologic level of the cyber-attacks will increase in the next period and he underlined the need for a new legislation on national cyber security.

Romania had the highest economic growth in the European Union, during the first three months of the year

Romania has has the highest rate of economic growth among the European Union member states in the first three months of 2017, 5.6%, compared to the same period of 2016, a preliminary assessment by Eurostat has showed on Wednesday, after summarizing data delivered by institutes of statistics in the member states. By comparison, the economy of the euro zone has seen a 1.7% increase in the first trimester of this year and the EU as a whole has had a 2% economic growth. The Romanian Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu, has said that this economic growth is a confirmation of the fact that measures adopted by the Government were right, but economic analysts notice that the consolidation of the GDP is owed to the consumption stimulated by wage increases.

Romania is opposed to any attempts to limit mobility on European single market

Romania opposes any attempts to fringe mobility on the European single marker, the Romanian Minister for European Affairs, Ana Birchall, has said on Tuesday, after the meeting of the General Affairs Council in Brussels. Ana Birchall has told Radio Romania that Bucharest supports a coherent internal market, which means the enforcement of all fundamental liberties, including free movement of people and services. Mrs. Birchall also said that Romania believed an assessment of migration measures was necessary, in coordination with all member states.

Mădălina Brotăcel, Agenţia de presă RADOR