Friday, June 30th 2017

Klaus Iohannis and Rumen Radev at the Romania – Bulgaria Business Forum

The Governments of Bulgaria and Romania aim to modernize Danube ports, to ensure conditions for navigation and development for river transport and to build new road bridges, said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at the  Romania – Bulgaria Business Forum, an event he attended together with his Bulgarian counterpart Rumen Radev. Mister Iohannis also said that the authorities in both countries need to find concrete solutions to streamline traffic through border crossings. In turn, Rumen Radev said that the Danube river must unite and not split the two countries. President Klaus Iohannis argued that the cooperation will be stronger in the region when the road, rail and river infrastructure will make it easier the movement of people and goods between Romania and Bulgaria. Klaus Iohannis has also mentioned a condition: „The business environment in our countries needs an efficient, clear and adapted to the economic space in which it operates. The rule of law is not just strict compliance with the law  but also a state of mind, strong institutions, stable and predictable laws, zero tolerance against corruption. Only in this way can we sustain investments, entrepreneurship and the market economy in a sustainable way”. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev also insisted on a better infrastructure linking Romania and Bulgaria. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

The new government, at its first session

Mihai Tudose Government has today its first session, just one day after receiving the investiture vote in Parliament. The agenda includes the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund, a project which was not achieved by the previous executive. Emergency ordinances will also be discussed which would increase social assistance for pensioners to 640 lei as of January 1st and double the allowances for severely disabled people. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose urged the institutions involved to take urgent actions in order to save the lives of the wounded soldiers in the accident

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose urged the institutions involved to take urgent actions in order to save the lives of the wounded soldiers in the accident. He was dissatisfied with the fact that Romania still does not have the necessary technical means to intervene in a crisis situation like the one last night and added that he will address the issue during today’s government meeting. Mihai Tudose: „It is inexcusable that after 27 years of democracy, freedom some people who were in the service of the country, some soldiers not to be saved with everything possible, because in Romania we do not have a helicopter available for actions during night under difficult conditions, because the accidents are not happening only during the day, eventually in Victoriei Square where there is a lot of asphalt and easy to get at”. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu