Tuesday, October 10th

Deal between Romania’s Economy Ministry and America’s General Dynamics Company for the production and selling of armored vehicles

The Romanian Economy Ministry and Romarm Company, which owns the Bucharest Mechanic Plant, have signed an understanding memorandum and a collaboration deal to produce and deliver armored vehicles. Prime minister Mihai Tudose and the American Ambassador, Hans Klemm, attended the signing ceremony. According to the documents, the two sides commit to work together to make and deliver armored vehicles Piranha 5 for the Romanian Defense Ministry. The memorandum also states future actions, that aim at forming a mixed society between the Bucharest Mechanic Plant and General Dynamics, that will produce vehicles for the Romanian Army. In the future company, Bucharest Mechanic Plant will contribute with assets such as production lines and employed staff, that is to take retraining courses at General Dynamics’ headquarters. The American company will bring investments in the production capabilities and integration of armored vehicles output.

The Prime Minister of Romania plans a Government reshuffle

Romanian Prime Minister, Mihai Tudose, has discussed, on Tuesday, with leaders of the Social Democratic Party, about a reshuffle of his Cabinet that he wants to make this week. In a televised program, where he admitted that his relations with the party’s President, Liviu Dragnea, have deteriorated, the Prime Minister has said that at least two ministers will be asked to leave the Government in the next few days. He also spoke about other ministers that need to be replaced, without naming them, but admitted that he referred to those with criminal issues and those whit poor results. He added that today’s meeting would have to set clear lines in relations between the party and the Government.

Bucharest will have a General Urbanistic Plan that will follow the example of Spain’s capital, Madrid

The Romanian capital, Bucharest, will have a General Urbanistic Plan, built after the model of Spain’s capital, Madrid, which will include a database on the city’s development projects that will be accessible to everyone who will ask for building approvals. People interested in an urbanism certificate will have to fill in online requests, in order to get the building approval, and this will require a solid database, that we will have to be able to access.

The IMF has reviewed upwards its forecast for Romania’s economic growth

The International Monetary Fund has reviewed upwards its forecast for Romania’s growth in 2017, from 4.2% to 5.5%, according to the latest report published on Tuesday by the international organization. The IMF has also improved its forecast for the growth pace of Romania’s economy in 2018, from around 3.4%, announced in April, to 4.4%. As far as the unemployment rate is concerned, the IMF has reviewed downwards the forecast for this year, to 5.3%, and 5.2%, in 2018.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR