Friday, October 20th

Not enough progress was made on Brexit talks, President Klaus Iohannis has said, at the end of the EU summit in Brussels

The European autumn Council has ended on Friday, in Brussels, with the conclusion that there was not enough progress in order to move on to the next phase of negotiations with Britain, on its exit from the European Union. The European leaders have send a positive message, after two days of intense discussions in the European Council, Romania’s President has said, adding that the leaders are united and determined to move on with optimism, in order to bring the EU closer to its citizens. Klaus Iohannis has said that there were discussions on the leaders’ agenda for the next two years, a projection of the EU’s future, as the member states have so far only reacted to different situations or managed crisis situations. They also agreed to maintain their support for the nuclear deal with Iran. As far as Brexit is concerned, the progress is not enough in order to open discussions on the future relations between the EU and Britain, after its exit, President Iohannis has said.

More than 30 Romanian citizens have died of measles so far

The number of Romanian citizens who died because of measles has reached 35, with the 9,670 confirmed cases in the country, according to the National Center for Observation and Control of Infectious Disease. The latest death caused by measles was in the city of Brasov, where a 39 year old nurse at the Pediatrics Hospital has died due to serious complications caused by the virus that she had contracted in September. Almost all Romanian counties, except for Tulcea, have reported cases of measles. Experts have warned that one in a thousand cases is deadly, and out of four persons who fall ill, one will need admission to hospital. The vaccine against measles offers immunization for children , and nine out of 10 parents have vaccinated their child, Radio Romania reporters say.

Almost 30 asylum seekers in Romania have been stopped at the border with Hungary

The Romanian border police have stopped 28 migrants seeking asylum in Romania while trying to illegally cross the border into the neighboring country, Hungary, on Thursday night, at Sannicolau Mare. The migrants were 17 adults and 11 minors from Afghanistan, India, Iraq and Iran. They said that they were trying to cross illegally into Hungary, from Romania, in order to reach Western European countries. The border police are investigating them for unlawful attempt to cross the state border. Since the beginning of the year, more than a thousand migrants were trying to illegally cross Romania’s Western border.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR