Monday, October 30th

Romanians mark two years after the fire in Colectiv club, that killed 64 people

Two years after the tragedy in the Colectiv club, where 64 young people died and 146 were wounded, Romania’s judiciary has yet to finalize any of the three files opened in this case. In April 2016, prosecutors from the General Prosecutor’s Office have sent to trial the file in which the three owners of the club and representatives of the company that sold the fireworks are investigated for negligent homicide and grave battery. Meanwhile, in order to mark the event, a humanitarian concert is taking place at the Roman Arenas in Bucharest, in the memory of the victims. The money from the concert will be used in the benefit of the people hurt in the fire and for the preparations of next year’s event. President Klaus Iohannis has posted an image on his Facebook page, containing the name of all those killed in the fire. The image of names and ages became the cover photo of the President’s profile. Radio Romania is due to broadcast this evening a show inspired by the Colectiv drama, named „64” – a play written by Ilinca Stihi, which combines testimonies from survivors of the tragedy with fragments of some fictional characters.

Three miners hurt in an explosion at Uricani mine in Romania

Three miners that were hurt in an explosion at Uricani mine in Romania’s Jiu Valley have been brought to Bucharest with a SMURD helicopter. They are being taken to two hospitals in the capital. According to the spokeswoman of the health Ministry, Oana Grigore, two of the miners suffered 3rd degree burns, on 30% and 40% of their bodies, their breathing ways are affected and they are intubated. The third miner has burns on 28% of his body and is also intubated. A fourth miner died on Monday, during the explosion. Visiting Uricani, the Energy Minister, Toma Petcu, has said that the authorities will perform risk studies for each mining operation in the Jiu Valley in order to determine the vulnerabilities and to improve the activity.

Strong winds are causing problems in several areas of Romania

The powerful gusts that have affected several areas of Romania are causing problems for the Balea Lac cable car, which was unable to operate on Monday. The wind has also caused the closure of several sea ports. On Saturday, after a snow storm, the Transfagarasan road has been closed to traffic. On high altitude, betweem Piscu Negru in Arges county and Balea Cascadă in Sibiu county, the restriction remains in place until the 1st of July 2018. One of the administrators of Balea cable car has said that there were no tourists blocked in the area.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR