Tuesday, November 14th

Romania’s economic situation this year is much better than in 2016, according to the Finance Minister

Romania has scored the first economic growth in the European Union and this is the only way to improve the standard of living, says Ionut Misa, the Romanian Minister of Public Finances. In a statement, he has said that Romania’s economic situation is much better than in 2016. At the moment, the country is among the most dynamic economies of the European Union, and the direction of development is appreciated by investors and international organisms. According to data by the International Statistics Institute, Romania’s economy has risen by 7% by raw series, in the first nine month of this year.

President Klaus Iohannis calls for an independent and strong judiciary

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis wants an independent and strong judiciary, his spokeswoman, Madalina Dobrovolski has said, answering a question on the President’s opinion regarding the convenience for Liviu Dragnea to resign as Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber and President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD). She said that there was no parallel state in Romania and that was an expression used by people who have problems with the judiciary. Mrs. Dobrovolski also said that there was to be an official conversation between Mr. Iohannis and Mr. Dragnea, it would have been on the public agenda. Lower House Speaker and national leader of PSD Liviu Dragnea has been heard by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors on Monday, being summoned in a corruption case. He is currently being prosecuted by the DNA over the establishment of a criminal organization, abuse of office and financial improprieties while he was chairman of the Teleorman County Council, according to the DNA.

Two Brazilian citizens were caught carrying two kilos of cocaine by the Romanian Border Police on Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport

Romanian Border Police and Border Guards have discovered two Brazilian citizens who were transporting two kilograms of cocaine in their stomach, while trying to enter the country, at the Otopeni International Airport. According to a statement by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), police have submitted the two Brazilians on an X rays checking and found that they were carrying cocaine in their bodies. The men were urgently taken to the Emergency Hospital Floreasca, where the cocaine was taken out of their stomachs. They came to Romania on a flight from Sao Paolo – Zurich – Bucharest, along with another woman. They were due to travel to Turkey by coach and transport the drugs to Istanbul. The Brazilian citizens will appear before the Bucharest Tribunal and risk a 30 days preemptive arrest.

Bran Castle is marking 640 years since its first documentary attestation

The Bran Castle in Romania’s Transylvania region is celebrating 640 years since its first documentary certification and in order to mark the moment it will host several workshops of medieval crafts. The building will be decorated with embroidery and hand-painted flags, weapons and pieces of medieval armor. Visitors will be allowed to take home everything they will create at these workshops. Organizers have also prepared a demonstrative workshop with old music and a Scottish bagpipe concert./mbrotacel

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