Wednesday, November 15th

Romania marks 30 years since anti-Communist unrest in Braşov

Romania marks 30 years since workers in the central city of Braşov raised a protest against the regime of the former Communist ruler Nicolae Ceauşescu. Some 30,000 workers staged a violent protest against harsh living conditions and the prospect of another winter of food and energy shortages. The spontaneous demonstration began at a tractor and truck plant and spread into the streets. Joined by onlookers, the workers chanting anti-Ceauşescu slogans marched on the city hall and ransacked the mayor’s office. The protest was broken up by the Communist Militia (former Romanian police) and the Securitate, and a number of workers were arrested.
A wreath-laying ceremony is scheduled at the Novermber 15 Memorial near the Braşov County Hospital where protesters sang for the first time „Wake Up, Romanian!”, the current Romanian anthem. Events on Wednesday will also include the opening of a photograph exhibition and the premiere release of „Braşov 1987 – Two Years Earlier”, a film directed by Liviu Tofan.

New report on Romania’s CVM

European Commission in Brussels released its report on Romania’s CVM on Wednesday. The report presents the progress made by Romania following a previous report of the European Commission in January 2017. As the Commission believed that the monitoring process of the CVM, the opportunities provided by EU funds and the constructive engagement of the Commission and many Member States continue to provide valuable support for consolidation of reforms in Romania, it also concluded the Romania’s monitoring should go ahead through 2018 with a new report expected by the end of the year. However, Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader told reporters on Wednesday that the document was only a „stage report designed to acknowledge Romania’s progress as compared to the progress mentioned in a report in January 2017. We also expressed our commitement to get Romania out of the CVM by 2019 when the country was expected to chair the rotating Presidency of the EU Council”, Mr. Toader said. The report says: „Romania has made progress in complying with EU recommendations under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) and must move forth with necessary reforms to be able to end monitoring by 2019. We have seen progress in some areas but there is still more work to be done. Romania has met some of our recommendations, but there is not enough progress yet on others,” the Commission first vice-president, Frans Timmermans, said in a press release reporting on Romania’s progress under the CVM. „I count on the Romanian Government to pursue the necessary reforms, and to avoid backtracking, so that we can work together towards the goal of ending the CVM under this Commission’s mandate.”
The five-year mandate of the Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker will expire in 2019.

New terminal at Bacău airport

A new terminal opened at the airport in the Romanian eastern town of Bacău early on Wednesday. First passengers were expected to leave for the city of Bergamo, in northern Italy. The €15 million project is part of a larger plan aimed at modernising the Bacău airport also including a new control tower, a special terminal for road transport, platforms and a parking space for 250 cars. Bacău’s Geogre Enescu International Airport is mainly used as a base for Blue Air, a low-coast airliner. The airport in Bacău opened for te first time in 1947. The airport is home of the Romanian Air Force 95th Air Base, with one fighter unit (operating MiG-21 LanceR) and a helicopter unit (operating IAR-330L). The base is also hosting the 250 Army Unit.
Alexandru Danga/adanga