Monday, November 20th 2017

Colectiv file is to be judged today in Bucharest

The Court in Bucharest is to judge today the Colectiv file, in which former mayor Cristian Popescu-Piedone and the owners of the club where the tragedy happened two years ago are accused. The prosecutors have delayed discussions on this case for almost a month, arguing the lack of procedure, and that angered the parents of the young people who lost their lives. Initially, Piedone and the club owners were accused separately but the files were merged. The owners of Colectiv club are accused of criminally negligent manslaughter, corporal injury and for the fact that they did not take the necessary security measures. In the same case, the pyrotechnics company owner and two employees are also accused.

Romania has to honor its promises made to NATO and USA, Vice Prime Minister Ciolacu says

Romania has to honor its promises to NATO and its strategic partner, The United States of America, says vice Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu in a declaration posted on the internet. The acquisition of Patriot rocket system will strengthen our country’s security and that of the eastern NATO side, says Ciolacu. Vice Prime Minister Ciolacu underlines that the draft on buying the Patriot rocket system, adopted by the Government on November 8th, gets past the Parliament this week, so that we stick to the schedule negotiated with our partners. The Senate Defense Committee will meet today for half an hour, to debate the draft concerning the Patriot rocket system acquisition. Tomorrow, it will get to the Lower House, which has the final decision in this matter.

European foreign affairs ministers meet in Brussels today, to decide where European Medicine Agency and European Banking Authority will be relocated

European foreign affairs ministers will meet today, in Brussels, to decide where London based European Medicine Agency and European Banking Authority will be relocated, after Great Britain leaves the block. 19 cities, including Bucharest, have applied to be the new home of The European Medicine Agency, which employs 900 people and decides whether drugs can be sold on a market of over 500 million consumers.

International World Bank experts will evaluate PhD programs in all Romanian schools

International experts, commissioned by The World Bank, are to evaluate PhD programs in all Romanian schools, said Sorin Câmpeanu – chairman of National Rectors’ Council – yesterday, in Iaşi.
The evaluation of each institution will cost around 10 – 15 thousand euro. In Romania, there are 210 PhD programs – 203 in public universities, one belonging to The Romanian Academy and six to private universities.

Alexandra Ionita – RADOR