Tuesday, November 21st

Romania’s Parliament has approved the draft bill to buy the Patriot System from the United States

The Lower House of Romania’s Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, has approved the draft law related to the acquisition of the Patriot Missile System. 279 deputies voted in favor of the bill and one against. The Chamber’s Defense Committee had unanimously approved the bill this morning. The Romanian Defense Minister, Mihai Fifor, has said that buying the Patriot System is a program that the government has assumed in order to keep Romania as a serious and reliable strategic partner in the Black sea region and inside NATO, and especially in the strategic partnership it has with the United States. Mr. Fifor announced that, by December the 1st, the Romanian government intends to sign the acceptance letter with the US administration regarding the acquisition of the first Patriot missiles for an air defense system and then pay its worth of about 765 million dollars. The Patriot air defense system is considered to be one of the most advanced in the world, with complex radar that could detect and react to a threat in just a few seconds.

Romania ranks fourth among European Union countries as far as antibiotic consumption is concerned

Romania ranks fourth among EU countries in antibiotic consumption, after it was second, in 2016. Doctors warn, though, that the situation remains serious, because the antibiotic consumption is growing fast, although it should only occur as a last resort, based on a prescription. Professor-doctor Gabriel Popescu, from the Infectious Disease Institute Matei Bals, has explained: „On one hand, we are talking about a better public information. During the cold season, most of the infections are viral, there is no point in taking antibiotics to treat a viral disease, as they have no favorable effect, but could, in turn, generate infections with Clostridium difficile or select antibiotic resistant germs. On the other hand, there are diarrheic syndromes, which are not caused by an infection, an inflammation determined by a bacteria and administration of antibiotics is useless. Most of today’s studies show that in different areas of the globe, 30 to 50% of antibiotic use is reasonless.” More than 40% of Romanian patients are treated with antibiotics in hospitals, and the European average is at 35%, a study shows.

Bucharest has lost the bid to host the European Medicines Agency

The European Affairs ministers have designated the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, to host the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency, after a competition contested, among other cities, by Romania’s capital, Bucharest. The ministers also decided that the European Banking Authority would be based in Paris. Both agencies are due to be moved from London, after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, and the relocation of such key institutions brings advantages to the host countries. 19 cities, including Bucharest, have applied to be the new home of The European Medicine Agency, which employs 900 people and decides whether drugs can be sold on a market of over 500 million consumers.

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