Monday, February 5th

Romania is in the right context to enter the Schengen area, European Affairs Minister says

The Romanian Minister for European Affairs, Victor Negrescu, has said that Romania is in the right context to enter the Schengen area. He explained that the context was related to the preparations for taking over the European Council presidency in 2019. Victor Negrescu has reiterated that Romania is currently meeting all the criteria to enter the Schengen area and that the only problem remains the lack of unanimous political will among its partners.

The web page for Romania’s touristic advertising is active again

The web portal which promotes Romania’s tourism,, has been reactivated, after the new Tourism Minister, Bogdan Trif, has paid the amount of 120 euro, required for the unlock. The site has not been available since the start of the year, because representatives of the ministry, which operate the website, have not paid the annual fee for domain ownership. The situation was brought into the minister’s attention by an economic news website, and Mr. Trif has paid the fee with his own money. He also asked for the adequate legal measures to be urgently identified, in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall is taking part in the European Forum of leaders for an open government, in Milan

The Economic Forum of leaders for an open governing is unfolding on Monday in the Italian city of Milan. Political decision-makers, experts and representatives of the civil society across Europe are meeting to discuss about ways to improve the governing systems in the public administration and the use of new technologies, in order to enhance the governing act and the dialogue with citizens. Romania, a member of the Open Government Partnership since 2015, is to be represented by the Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Partnership Ana Birchall.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR