Friday, February 16th

Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila met the Israeli Ambassador to Bucharest Tamar Samash

At a meeting in Bucharest, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the Israeli Ambassador to Romania Tamar Samash agreed that diversification in economic relations between the two countries play an important role. Other subjects on the agenda include: a Romanian-Israeli partnership in new technologies and a deeper cooperation in other areas, like energy, farming, cyber security and enterprise innovation, practical projects that stimulate the mutual interest of business communities in the two countries, investments in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors and also the creation of regional radiotherapy centers. According to a government statement, tourism, especially the balneary tourism is one of the areas that Israeli investors are interested in. During the meeting that took place at the Victory Palace in Bucharest, the Romanian and Israeli Officials also talked about cooperation in education on the Holocaust theme and the inauguration of a National Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in Romania.

Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor and State Secretary George Ciamba are taking part in the Munich International Security Conference

Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor is taking part in the 54th edition of the International Security Conference in Munich, Germany. According to a statement by the defense ministry, the conference will review the guiding lines for global security agenda. The presence of State Secretary in the Foreign Ministry George Ciamba will offer Romania the opportunity to bring forward its vision on the global and European security situation and the key role that NATO and European Union play in this context.

President Klaus Iohannis has reaffirmed his trust in the National Anticorruption Directorate

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has reaffirmed his trust in the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Thursday evening, saying that the activity of this institution iv very good. President Iohannis has added that he sees no reason why the Chief DNA Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi should be removed. He expressed his frustration with the fact that a new scandal related to the judiciary has emerged in the public space. In a press-conference at the Cotroceni palace, Mr. Iohannis has also said that he had a meeting with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the Social Democrat Leader Liviu Dragnea to whom he shared his discontent with the DNA related public scandal. „Some law breakers are taking a desperate attempt to attack and discredit the DNA and the leadership of this institution. I believe this is a deplorable and lame attempt and you are aware of my opinion about the DNA. But I like to repeat it. The National Anticorruption Directorate and the DNA leadership are doing a very good job”, the President said.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR