Friday, July 20th

Romania is ready for a failure in Brexit negotiations – Minister of European Affairs

Romania, which will take over the rotating presidency of the European Union during the period when Brexit is scheduled to take place, is ready for a failure of negotiations with the United Kingdom on the withdrawal agreement, the Romanian Delegate Minister for European Affairs Victor Negrescu has said on Friday in Brussels. But he added that the goal was to preserve the rights of European citizens living in the UK.
Victor Negrescu: I do not believe that we are facing a deadlock. We are in a situation where we need to move forward, we have to be ready for all possible scenarios, we have this deadline for mid-October to reach an agreement and we are working on it. Romania has an active and intense participation. It i certainly better for European citizens to reach such a common solution, and particularly to offer strong guarantees in protecting the rights of European citizens living in the UL – this is our goal, that is what we fight for and take part in these negotiations and I am convinced that we will get those solutions that will allow Romanians in the UK to feel that they can go on with their lives the way they wish, whether to stay there or return to Romania.

Pakistani an Indian migrants seized by border police in Botosani County

Ten Pakistani and Indian migrants who were trying to enter Romania illegally were tracked down by border police at Darabani, in Botosani County. The migrants, aged between 18 and 30 years, couldn’t speak Romanian and did not possess any identification papers – according to a statement by Romanian Border Police. The eight Pakistani and two Indian migrants wanted to reach a Schengen country. The border police have opened a file on their names accusing the migrants of illegal crossing of the state frontier. They were taken over by Ukrainian authorities for verification, as stated by a readmission agreement between Romania and Ukraine.

President Klaus Iohannis has signed into law the bill on judicial organization

President Klaus Iohannis has signed into law the amendments adopted by Parliament to the law on judicial organization, the Presidential Administration has said on Friday. On Thursday, the President underlines that he had to sign the law, as all the challenging procedures were run down, but he asked for the three laws on the judiciary to be re-enter Parliament in the autumn. Klaus Iohannis has also insisted that the law he has just signed raises many background questions, as well as unclear, incoherent and unpredictable provisions. The amended law stipulates, among others, the setup of a special department at the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate magistrates.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR