Friday, July 27th

Security alert triggered by pepper spray at Sibiu International Airport

A can of pepper spray was the cause of Thursday security alert at Sibiu International Airport, which led to the emergency evacuation of the terminal, due to a pungent smell. According to ISU Sibiu, the air samples taken there were analyzed with devices of chemical, bacteriological, radiological and nuclear research and the conclusion was that the substance was identical to the one in a pepper spray can, found in a deposit box for items that are banned on board of planes. The box was situated ahead of the security check point. Most likely, the spray was thrown there by a passenger, before embarking on the plane. 650 people were evacuated from the airport terminal and five flights were delayed on Thursday, due to the alert.

The Romanian Justice Minister has rejected all candidates for the DNA Chief Prosecutor post

The Justice Minister in Romania has resumed the proceedings to select prosecutors eligible to become the new head of the National Anticorruption Agency (DNA), which is void after the dismissal of Laura Codruta Kovesi. The selection is due to take place between the 6th of August and the 6th of September. The minister has rejected on Friday all candidates registered to be examined this week by a special committee. According to a statement by the justice ministry, none of the four registered prosecutors has met the necessary conditions.

The Romanian Senate Speaker Liviu Dragnea has apologized to the Jewish community after the Agriculture Minister’s statements related to Auschwitz

The National Anti-Discrimination Council has referred itself and the Israel Embassy in Bucharest has expressed its “dismay and disappointment” to comments made on Tuesday by Romanian Agriculture Minister Petre Daea, who compared the slaughter of sick pigs to the murder of Jews at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp. Petre Daea has on Thursday expressed public apologies for his statements and explained that he only wanted to describe the situation that the farmers faced. He also said that he respected all members of the Jewish community. In a social media post, the Senate Speaker and head of the governing PSD party, Liviu Dragnea, has offered apologies to the Jewish community on behalf of himself, the Social Democratic Party and the governing coalition and warned the minister to be more careful with his statements. The opposition has asked for the resignation of Mr. Daea./mbrotacel

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR