Tuesday, August 7th

Monthly average earning

In June 2018, the average gross nominal earnings were 4,527 lei, by 0.7% higher than figures registered in May 2018, according to a report issued by Romania’s National Institute of Statistics (INS) on Tuesday. The average net nominal earnings were 2721 lei, increasing as against the previous month with 17 lei (+0.6%). Highest values of the average net nominal earnings were recorded in manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (6,591 lei) with the lowest in accommodation and food service activities
(1,557 lei). When compared to the previous month, in June 2018 the level of the average net earnings have seen increases in most economic activity, due to granting occasional bonuses and other allowances, INS reports says

Alleged contractors for Sibiu-Piteşti Motorway still unknown

Romania’s Road Company failed to establish contractors supposed to build the long-expected sections 1 and 5 of the Sibiu (central Transylvania) – Piteşti (southern county of Argeş) Motorway on Monday. The company said a decision would be made later in September. The sections of the motorway, the one linking Sibiu and Boiţa (both in Sibiu county) and the other linking Curtea de Argeş and Piteşti (both in Argeş county) were part of a € 600 million contract auctioned last summer. Significant delays are also reported in the case of the remaining sections – 1, 2, and 4. In these cases, a bid is still expected. But this is not the first time the authorities have announced big projects which, for legal or financial reasons, have ended up stalling and becoming three times as expensive as in the beginning.

Romania’s tárogató legend Dumitru Fărcaş dies at 80

Romania’s hugely-acclaimed tárogató player Dumitru Fărcaş has died in a hospital in the Transylvanian town of Cluj-Napoca on Tuesday. He was 80. Fărcaş was born in Groşii Băii Mari, a village in the northern county of Maramureş, on August 7, 1938. He was a graduate of the Gheorghe Dima Music University in Cluj-Napoca where he studied the oboe. But Fărcaş made the tárogató known all over the world as he is seen as the most famous tárogató player. For his artistic actctivity, Fărcaş was awarded the National Cross of Faithful Service III in 2002 and he became Grand Officer for Performing Arts of the Cultural Merit Order in 2004 „as a sign of appreciation of life achievment activity and talent”. In 2008, Dumitru Fărcaş received the Doctor Honoris Causa title of the Music University in Cluj Napoca./adanga
Alexandru Danga, RADOR