Wednesday, August 9th 2018

Alba district will have a new mobile laboratory for measuring the air quality

At the end of this year, Alba will have a mobile laboratory that will monitor the air quality, the environment minister, Graţiela Gavrilescu, announced yesterday. The car has already been bought and the necessary equipment needs to be purchased, most probably by the end of this year. Pollution is one of the most sensitive issues that Alba district has faced so far. In Sebeş, for example, people have taken it to the streets, asking for clean air.

Bulgaria built a wire fence at the Romanian border

Bulgaria built a 80 kilometer long wire fence to prevent wild boars to spread African swine fever by entering its territory, Radio România Constanţa announces, on its web page. The fence will stretch on 90% of the 133 km border from Silistra to Durankulac. In Romania, more than 500 African swine fever focal points have been detected, most of them in Tulcea, where the virus was brought by wild boars, from Ukraine. The authorities ordered that, in the affected areas, wild boars are hunted. The measure, however, will not be effective if the population keeps on hiding the sick animals or selling the meat.

Aurelian Bădulescu about the demonstration organized Friday in Victory Square, in the capital

Local authorities say that the demonstration announced for Friday, in Victory Square, in Bucharest, has not been claimed by any organizer, as the law states. The representatives of the two NGOs that were invited yesterday at the Committee for Public Order stated their point of view, stressing that they are just the promoters of this event. The mayor’s office said that the possibility to just notify the public authorities about organizing an event is not statutory. The vice mayor of Bucharest, Aurelian Bădulescu, said that the two associations don’t understand the law that states that the organizers of such public manifestations have certain obligations but also mentioned that the authorities will keep in touch with the two NGOs regarding the demonstration. „It’s necessary that we, together with the organizer, ensure all the common sense elements: toilets, water, the intervention of doctors, in case somebody needs them. They only understood that we need to know that they are not the organizers but actually they are the de facto organizers of this demonstration that will take place. We, together with the Local Police, the Traffic Police and the military police force will take all measures that are needed so that Bucharest stays in a state of normality”- Aurelian Bădulescu.

European Union member states refuse to adopt Romanian bears

The states in EU that the Environment Minister asked for help by adopting Romanian bears refused to do so. The environment minister, Graţiela Gavrilescu, said yesterday, in Alba Iulia, that nobody wanted to take any bear.
Graţiela Gavrilescu: The answers were negative. Many countries answered that they haven’t had this species for the last hundred years and nobody wanted to take bears, not even for the zoos. The European Commission said: this is Romania’s problem, not ours, and you have to handle it.
The Environment Minister launched this offer to some European countries, given that, in the last few years, the bear population grew in our country. In July, a number of people were attacked by bears that left their habitat and climbed down, to populated areas.

Alexandra Ioniţă – RADOR