Tuesday, August 14th

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis about recent anti-government protests in the country

After three days of anti-government protests across the country, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis made a statement mainly refering to protests in the capital Bucharest last Friday when hundreds were injured in clashes with the police. Here are some excerpts of the statement President Iohannis made at the Presidential Palace of Cotroceni on Monday: (…) „Three days have passed, and there is no one responsible for what happened in Victoria Square last Friday. It involves two moves: the judicial move, and I already called on the country’s General Prosecutor to investigate incidents in the square. An investigation must be urgently carried out, the truth must prevail and the guilty must to be hold accountable. Violence against citizens peacefully protesting against a government is typical for an authoritarian regime, and it has nothing to do with today’s Romania. There is also a political move: in any country leaders are accountable, and I did not hear about a resignation at least until now. For many times now, we are witnessing a government pretending not hearing nor seeing the people’s protest. Nobody assumed political responsability for what happened. (…) As President, I will further act to preserve a rule of law where institutions are strong as their power resides in enforcing the law and protecting citizens and civil rights.”.

Who did what? Statements of Romanian officials on incidents during anti-government protests

Refering to clashes between protesters and the police during anti-government protests in the capital Bucharest last Friday, Romania’s Interior Minister Carmen Dan said „she could not blame herself for anything. I did what a responsible minister had to do”, Ms. Dan said on Tuesday morning. The minister also pointed out that intervention by the police and geandarmerie was made under supervision of a military prosecutor. However, a prosecutor at the Military Prosecutor’s Office said otherwise: „I assure you there was no such thing. (…) There was no prosecutor supervising the mobile command center”, First Prosecutor Ionel Corbu told Digi24TV on Tuesday.
And finally, Romania’s Gendarmerie claimed that a prosecutor of the Military Prosecutor’s Office did supervise operations in Victoria Square last Friday. It said that Lt. Col. Bogdan Pîrlog supervised operations at his own initiative.

„Enesco and World Music”, a festival in Sinaia

„Enesco and World Music” is a festival organised in the Romanian mountain resort of Sinaia. A concert on Tuesday is expected to present the Romania – Moldova Youth Orchestra conducted by Romanian conductor Horia Andreescu. Orchestra members include teens of 15-20. The concert on Tuesday will be also performed at the Romanian Atheneum Hall in the capital Bucharest on Wednesday. It is the 19th edition of a festival organised by „Romanian Youth” National Art Center.
Alexandru Danga

From the Bucharest Military Prosecutor’s Office there was no prosecutor to be part of the mobile command center, „said Prosecutor Ionel Corbu, quoted by Digi24.

Alexandru Danga, RADOR