Tuesday, August 28th

Brexit will not affect the relations between London and Bucharest, says the new British Ambassador

The relations between London and Bucharest will not be affected negatively by Brexit, nor will be the life of Romanians living in the United Kingdom, has said the new British ambassador to Bucharest Andrew Noble. In his first news conference since the appointment, he also said that a new strategic partnership between UK and Romania is on the anvil, in order to respond to current concerns.
Andrew Noble: We are working with the Romanian government for a new strategic partnership between Britain and Romania. We already have a partnership, but it has to be improved to adress today’s concerns. We need a strategic partnership that will answer the challenges of a new Europe and I mean Brexit, which will be a very important question beyond this period of negociations in Brussels.

The US Embassy does not comment on the opinions or conclusions of physical persons

The spokesman of the US Embassy in Bucharest Donald L. Caroll has said that the American government does not comment on the opinions or conclusions of phisical persons. His reaction comes after a letter that the lawyer of the President Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor and New York mayor, has recently sent to the Romanian authorities. In the paper, Mr. Giuliani expressed his concern regarding the impliacations of secret protocols between several public institutions and the Romanian Secret Service. The spokerman underlines that Romania has shown a remarkable progress in the drive against corruption.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR