Tuesday, March 26th 2019

Teenage pregnancy and abortion – a worrying phenomenon in Romania

Teenage pregnancy and abortion are a worrying phenomenon in Romania, which finds itself on the first place in the European Union concerning this matter. Mureş county is no exception. Almost 500 teen mothers were monitored by authorities in 2018. The youngest among them was 12 years old. Most of the cases occur in rural areas, say specialized organizations.
The director of Child Protection Agency in Mureş, Miklea Hajnal, says that the number of 480 underage mothers monitored in the county in 2018 is a constant in recent years but that, in fact, it is difficult to know the real extent of the phenomenon, as gynecological sections, as those for newborns, don’t have personnel specialized on the needs of young mothers. Sometimes, not even specialized personnel of the town hall have time for them so they end up not taken care of. Some doctors say that, surprisingly, teenagers are proud when they become pregnant and don’t ask for abortions. „Divers” association in Târgu Mureş studied the phenomenon of teen mothers, especially in rural areas and disadvantaged communities. Their conclusion is that girls can’t afford contraception, even if they know about it or they are not supported by their partners to use it for avoiding pregnancy. Statistics place Romania on the first place when it comes to teen pregnancy and abortion and also to the number of pregnancies between the ages of 10 and 14.

Inquiry into the activity and financial situation of Tarom over the last 10 years

This week, deputies in the Transport Commission are launching a parliamentary inquiry into the activity and financial situation of Tarom over the last ten years. They will begin their investigation with a report of the Romanian Court of Accounts, which states that compensations paid by Tarom over the last five years, because of flight irregularities have risen to 3,8 billion lei. The objectives of the inquiry include checking decisions about budgetary execution, special contracts or the fleet structure but also the way in which the board met its obligations, said PNL deputy Lucian Bode, who is chairman of the transport Commission. „I assure you that the members of this commission will come before you with an analysis of this important company for the Romanian aviation industry. We will identify the causes that led to the fall of this company and, of course, we will suggest solutions for optimizing costs and incomes for the company”, said Lucian Bode.

President Iohannis will attend the event „A world without tobacco”

Important representatives of the UN Program for Development, of the World Health Organization and leaders of non-governmental international organizations who fight against smoking meet today, in Bucharest. The reunion is considered to be a strategic one for finding solutions to protect the health of future generations. The event will be attended by president Klaus Iohannis and the European commissioner for Health and Food Safety. Each year, tobacco kills over seven million people in the entire world. According to the latest statistics, selling and promoting tobacco products is still rising, especially in countries with low or medium income, even after implementing a UN convention regarding tobacco control.

Almost 400 bicycles will be available to citizens of Constanţa and tourists

In a few weeks time, almost 400 bicycles will be available to citizens of Constanţa and tourists through Bike sharing system – according to Constanţa city hall. Any tourist or local over the age of 14 will be able to receive a user card from Speed agencies, free of charge, using only the ID card. The user card will allow them to take a bike from any of the 24 stations in the city. Black Sea Bike project will be available in Constanţa – Balcic region and wishes to make bicycles an alternative to polluting transport./aionita

Alexandra Ionita, RADOR