June 5th

Summit of the Three Seas Initiative

In Slovenia, the Fourth Summit of the Three Seas Initiative takes place in Slovenia, a political platform at the presidential level, bringing together the 12 Member States of the Union Between the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic and the Black Sea.
At the reunion will be also Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, who will be present tonight at the official dinner offered by Slovenian President Borut Pahor, who also attends the meeting in Slovenia.
Reporter – Oana Bâlă – At the summit in Slovenia, progress is being made in implementing the list of priority interconnection projects agreed at last year’s meeting in Bucharest, as well as in the operationalization of the investment fund of the three major initiatives, respectively network of Chambers of Commerce in the region. In the margins of the summit today will be held the second edition of the business forum of the initiative and the talks will be accused of investments in the economy, transport links, energy infrastructure, environmental protection and digital communication. Tonight, President Klaus Iohannis will attend the official dinner hosted by Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor. Together with the leaders of the participating countries at the initiative of the three big ones will be present: German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, European Commission President Jean Claude and US Secretary of State for Energy Rick Perry./aboboc

The abundant rainfall has also influenced the situation on the Danube

Emergency Inspectorate teams, firefighters and gendarmes will be in duty today to help the people. However, the flood risk did not pass. Most rivers in the country are under flood warnings until tomorrow afternoon. At the same time by the middle of this month, the Danube will be under orange and yellow flood codes. RRA correspondent, Mihai Bădescu:
Reporter: Abundant rainfall has also influenced the situation on the Danube, where flows are steadily rising. Hydrologists have issued tomorrow a yellow hydrologic code on the river, and on June 8 we will have orange code on almost all of the Romanian Danube sector. According to the forecasts, by June 10, the flow rate at the entrance to Baziaş is rising in the first five days to close to 11 thousand per second. Then it will be stationary until the end of the interval. The values ​​will reach the debts well below the multiannual average this month, which is 6,400 cubic meters per second. As a result of this situation, the jetty of the Iron Gates 1 and 2 opened a spillway so that the hydropower system was prepared to take over the large amount of water brought by the Danube./aboboc

Romanians were interested in most of the jobs in the fields in May financial, accounting, transport, engineering, medicine and pharmacy

Last month, Romanians were most interested in jobs in financial, accounting, transport, engineering, medicine and pharmacy jobs – according to data centralized by representatives of an online recruitment platform. Compared to the previous month, total job search has increased by almost 13% and that of higher applications by ten percent. Candidates were also interested in sales, IT, and skilled workers who were looking for a job. In the top companies, where Romanians will hire, there are those in the energy sector, from the tobacco industry./aboboc