Monday, 24 June

Proposals to amend Electoral Code on diaspora”s vote are this week on the Parliament”s agenda

Proposals for amending the Electoral Code on the diaspora vote are on this week’s political agenda, as the Parliament is preparing for the conclusion of the current session. The new regulations must be adopted so that they can be applied from the presidential elections this fall. Special representatives will be heard today in the special committee, and the political parties already have a number of outlined ideas./opopescu

The last week of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council

This is the last week of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. The events organized under the mandate will continue untill Friday. The plenary session of the Conference of Parliamentary bodies specialized in Union affairs concludes the parliamentary dimension of the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union and will focus on the dialogue on the current issues of Europe. The first declared purpose of the session is to bring to light the achievements of the Romanian Presidency of the Council and to debate a number of important themes in the context of developments on the European scene with an impact on member states’ economies such as the prospects for international trade relations of the European Union , the future of the Union’s relationship with the UK in the context of Brexit, the European education area as a factor for reconfiguration and consolidation of the single market, technological progress and the social impact of the innovation-based economy. In addition, the conference wants to bring to the attention of the national parliaments the preconfiguration of the European action lines by 2024./opopescu

Projects of the Ministry of Health regarding the treatment of patients with burns

Important changes for the treatment of patients with burns are proposed by the Ministry of Health. Two ministerial orders were drafted, which are publicly debated on the site of the institution. The first project provides for the transfer abroad to be done only for cases that meet the criteria for access to the centers for patients with severe burns if treatment beds in the country are fully occupied. A committee meeting, no more than two hours after receiving the case, will review the patient’s medical records and determine whether their transfer abroad is necessary. The second order proposes that the medical recovery for the patient with burns should be done in the specialized department of the hospital in which he was treated or, if the patient’s condition allows, in other similar sections. In any situation, the necessary staff for the necessary rehabilitation of patients with severe burns must be secured. Additionally, pediatricians and pediatric surgeons have to be provided at the Center for the Burned where children treated. The documents were elaborated also in consultation with the representatives of the patients who suffered burns, said Minister Sorina Pintea, who added that, if approved, there will be no more syncopes in the transfer of patients with burns abroad./opopescu

RADOR – 24 iunie