Wednesday, July the 31st 2019

One golden and three silver medals won by Romania at the International Chemistry Olympics

Romanian students who attended the International Chemistry Olympics, that ended yesterday, in Paris, got one golden and three silver medals, National Education Minister says. The golden medal has been obtained by Mircea Raul Bodrogean, a student in the tenth grade at the International Informatics High school in Bucharest. The silver medals went to Ioana Maria popa, from the National College in Iaşi, Ana Florescu- Ciobotaru, from the International Informatics High school in Bucharest and Tudor Lile, studying at „moise Nicoară” National College in Arad. The 51st edition of the International Chemistry Olympics was attended by 309 students in 84 countries.

European Commission approves a 27,4 million euro investment assistance for modernising Galaţi port

European Commission approves a 27,4 million euro investment assistance for modernising Galaţi port, which is the biggest fluvial port in Romania. The projects consists in building a new multimodal platform in „New Basin Port” area.
The project mainly includes modernising the pier and building the infrastructure necessary for a nea intermodal modern terminal. The newly created logistical hub will help going from road transport to railway transport and sea or fluvial transport, on the Rhine-Danube corridor, fulfilling a common objective for the European Union. The total cost of the investment is of about 90 million euro and the sum will be cofounded by the Romanian state.

President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă comment after the Supreme Council of National Defence meeting

After the meeting of the National Council of National Defence, that happened yesterday, president Klaus Iohannis again asked for the recall of the changes brought to the justice laws and asked the Government that, by the end of August, it brings measures, rules and procedures for swift reaction and coordination of all involved institutions so that, in situations similar to that in Caracal, there will not be any more delays.
Klaus Iohannis:This tragedy shows us where this state and its institutions are taken when, the first concern of the political decision-makers is saving and protecting criminals and opening the prison gates. The corruption and incompetence are destroying the state. The solution is to take the politics out of the whole state apparatus.
On her side, Prime Minister Dăncilă spoke of the need to pragmatically tackle the situation, including possible legislative measures to eliminate the functioning deficiencies inside the structures who handle the safety of the people.

Alexandra Ioniţă, RADOR