Friday, August 2nd

President Klaus Iohannis has underlined the need for permanent awareness of the how crucial is to counter racism

The Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, has issued a message on the International Day to Commemorate the Roma Genocide. He has underlined the need of permanent awareness of how important is to counter racism and anti-Semitism. In his message, Mr. Iohannis says that we are honouring the suffering of almost half a million Roma children, women and men who had fallen victims of genocide during the Second World War.

The UNTOLD Music Festival is unfolding in the Romanian city of Cluj

The Romanian city of Cluj is hosting the UNTOLD International Music Festival. The atmosphere is great and the temperatures seem to be suitable for fun when the festival starts, according to the Radio Romania correspondent. The organizers of the festival have installed 1000 square metres of led screens and also brought 30 trucks with scenery, because Untold is a festival known not only for the quality of music offered by the best DJs in the world, but also for the lights effects and the scenic show in general. Around 350,000 people are attending the four days of festival. They acquired the wristbands that ensure their access to the festival perimeter in the Central Park area, which includes the Cluj Arena and the Polyvalent Hall. More than 1,000 under cover agents will try to prevent any attempt of drug trafficking at the festival and 3,000 uniformed personnel are patrolling at the scene.

Romania is to change the legislation on the National Unitary System for Emergency Calls

The inter-ministerial committee on the emergency call system 112, which convened in extraordinary session on Wednesday, has decided to amend the legislation on the organization and operation of the National Unitary System for Emergency Calls. According to a statement by the Romanian Interior Ministry, the changes will mainly target the way users of mobile phone services are identified, the duties of operators, the access of specialized agencies to identification data to locate the caller only in emergency situations and the possibility to access other relevant data, only in search and rescue operations. The Communications Ministry is to present a draft bill until August the 2nd.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR