Wednesday, August 7th

Possible future collaboration between ALDE and Pro Romania

ALDE and Pro România discussed this morning about a future collaboration in the form of a political alliance, ALDE president Călin Popescu Tăriceanu said on his Facebook page. He said the two political groups will have a common parliamentary group. Călin Popescu Tăriceanu added that representatives of the two parties will meet in the next period to establish the political project of the alliance and the collaboration protocol. For his part, the leader of Pro Romania, Victor Ponta, reiterates that his party is willing to discuss a joint political project with ALDE, if this formation retiers from government. Victor Ponta also stated on a social network that a change in the country’s governance is required and that a new economic direction should be drawn up./opopescu

A group of 15 people – Romanian citizens and their family members – were repatriated from Syria

Fifteen people – Romanian citizens and their family members, Syrian citizens – were repatriated from Syria today through Turkey, announces the Foreign Ministry, which states that it fully supported the costs related to the repatriation procedures, including air transportation and accommodation. The Ministry also underlines the importance of the support provided by the Turkish authorities in the procedures that led to the settlement of the case and to the safe repatriation of Romanians. Since the beginning of the evacuation operations in Syria, in 2011, 784 Romanian citizens and their family members have been repatriated. Currently, the Embassy of Romania in Damascus provides consular assistance and protection, including to citizens of Australia, Canada, France, the Republic of Moldova and Portugal, on the territory of Syria, as well as to citizens of other states, based on specific requests./opopescu

Controls at over 600 economic agents in Bucharest

Over 200 lei is the value of the fines imposed by the anti-fraud inspectors following the checks that took place between August 1-st and 4-th, at more than 600 economic agents in the capital. Also, money and property worth over 601 million lei were confiscated and the measure was suspended for six tax-payers. The sanctions were applied mainly for the non-observance of the law regarding the elaboration and use of the supporting and accounting documents for all the operations carried out, for the non-issuance of tax certificates and for the existence of unjustified amounts./opopescu

Popescu Ovidiu, RADOR