Monday, August 26th

The annual meeting of Romanian Diplomacy

The annual meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy, organized by the Foreign Ministry, is starting on Monday in Bucharest and will last for four days. During the first day, speakers pleaded for a better capitalization on strategic partnerships with European states, and with the United States as well. They also spoke about the need for Romania to have a stronger voice within NATO. The Foreign Minister Ramona Manescu has said that Romania has to enforce the progress it made so far and set new objectives in relation to global developments. The Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, has underlined that Romania’s tenure of the European Council Presidency was a success and proved again that the country made enormous progress since its accession, but there is still room for better.

The Romanian government coalition has collapsed

The government coalition in Romania has broken up on Monday, after the junior party ALDE announced that its ministers would resign from the cabinet of Viorica Dancila on Tuesday. Political sources say that the leader of ALDE Calin Popescu Tariceanu will also leave the Senate Speaker seat next week, and his party will vote the motion of no confidence initiated by the National Liberal Party. All these decisions will be sorted out during a meeting of ALDE leadership, due to take place today. Also, The National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party is meeting to discuss the next steps, after the announcements made by their governing partners.

The „Golden Stag” International Festival has concluded with a folkloric concert

The „golden Stag” music festival has ended in the Romanian city of Brasov on Sunday evening, with a folkloric concert. The guest of honour of the first part of the concert was Gabi Lunca, while the second part hosted singers as Loredana and Agurida, Livia Buble and Alexandra Ungureanu, who performed on well known popular themes which were re-orchestrated. The evening ended with Gheorghe Zamfir and his guests./mbrotacel

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR