Monday, 9th of September

Some international utility companies intend to leave the Romanian market

Producer: Several international utility companies intend to leave the Romanian market. Some have already started procedures for selling assets in Romania and others are still considering the opportunity of such a decision.
Reporter: Gabriela Mitrovici – The ČEZ utilities group will start the process of selling the assets in Romania next month and intends to end in 2022. The announcement was made by the representatives of the company, who stated that for this purpose a market test has been launched today. They said in a statement that ČEZ operations in Romania had positive results and will continue until the transfer is completed. The Czech group included seven Romanian companies in the market test, and the potential investors can express their interest both for the whole group and individually for any of the companies. We recall that last week, the Italian group ENEL started the process of selling operations in Romania. Recently, other international utility companies including E.ON and NG are reviewing their options regarding the presence on the Romanian market. They say that they are currently struggling to compete with the state company Hidroelectrica, the largest electricity producer in Romania.

Rovana Plumb is the European Commissioner appointed by Romania

Rovana Plumb is the European Commissioner appointed by Romania. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen accepted this proposal, along with the other ones made by the EU’s members, and the portfolios will be announced tomorrow.

PM Viorica Dăncilă claims that the appointment is a success for our country and is the proof of the confidence of the president of the future European forum in the capacity of the commissioner designate. The liberals say, however, that there are many suspicions regarding the fulfillment of the criteria by Mrs. Rovana Plumb, and the government risks a lot by supporting it. First VP of PNL, Raluca Turcan.
Raluca Turcan: We believe that the Romanian Government is at great risk by supporting Rovana Plumb for the position of commissioner. The hearings in the European Parliament are not a play. Also, the wind in the European Parliament and the committees is and will be very tight. In other words, Viorica Dăncilă risks very much Romania’s interest by supporting Mrs. Rovana Plumb.
Reporter: USR-PLUS Alliance strongly opposes this appointment, especially as concerns have been expressed regarding the integrity and competence of this candidate. And PMP President Eugen Tomac also claims that Rovana Plumb is completely inadequate to manage a European portfolio.

Non-refundable financing for the installation of photovoltaic panels in own home, within the „Green House” program

People who are interested in installing photovoltaic panels in their own home can have, starting from Monday, the grant provided by the Romanian state. This is the „Green House” program, carried out by the Ministry of the Environment. Any citizen can obtain a financing of 20.000 lei to produce electricity for their own consumption and to deliver the surplus to the national network. The program has a total budget of 636 million lei, so that about 33.000 individuals can obtain financing. According to RRA reporter Bogdan Isopescu, all the information about the steps that must be taken to access the program can be found on the website of the Environmental Fund Administration.

Adelina Boboc