Thursday, September 26th

President Klaus Iohannis has expressed his regret on the passing of former French leader Jacques Chirac

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has expressed his deep sadness on the death of former French President Jacques Chirac. In a Twitter post, Klaus Iohannis said that Jacques Chirac was a great leader and a genuine statesman, a true friend of our country. To Romania, Jacques Chirac will be remembered for his great support for the country’s accession to NATO and, later, to the European Union. Jacques Chirac came to Bucharest on February 21st, 1997 and in his speech in Parliament then he strongly affirmed Frances’s support for Romania’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The candidacy of Rovana Plumb for the post European Transport Commissioner has been rejected in the European Parliament

Rovana Plum’s candidacy for the position of European Transport Commissioner was rejected today by the Judicial Committee of the European Parliament. The members of the committee concluded that she could not exercise her duties as a European Commissioner because conflict of interests issues related to her were not clarified, Neil Corlett, representative of the Communication Department of the European Parliament explained. He added that the president of the European Parliament will consult with his counterpart in the European Commission to see what steps are to be taken in this case. Inside Romania, the opposition believes that the country has to make a new nomination for the European Commissioner post, and this time the government should consult with President Klaus Iohannis.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR