Thursday, 5th of March

The three-month ROBOR index fell to 2.87% per year

The ROBOR index for three months, according to which the cost of consumer credits in lei with variable interest is calculated, has decreased to 2.87% per year today, from 2.89%, as it was yesterday, according to information published by the National Bank of Romania. And the six-month index, used in the calculation of interest on mortgage loans in lei with variable interest, dropped to 3.01% per year, from 3.04 percent. The benchmark index for consumer loans (IRCC), regulated last year, is 2.36% per year, which is calculated as the arithmetic average of the daily interest rates of interbank transactions in the second quarter of the year.

Almost 24,000 applications submitted on the first day of registration for the preparatory class for the next school year

Nearly 24,000 applications were submitted by parents on the first day of enrollment to the class preparing for the upcoming school year. According to the Ministry of Education, 92 percent of these applications are from parents whose children will already be 6 years old before September 1. The first stage of enrollment at the school ends on March 23, and applications can be made online. At the end of this month, the applications will be centralized, and on April 1, the lists of registered candidates, the number of places left vacant, as well as the list of children not registered after the first stage, will be displayed in the schools and on the sites of the School Inspectorates.

The situation of patients in Romania, infected with coronavirus

The condition of the patient in Suceava diagnosed with coronavirus and transferred to Iaşi is stationary, said the manager of the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Carmen Dorobăţ. The 71-year-old man has fever, headache and joint pain, but has no particular problems. At the Iaşi Hospital, 13 samples are still being worked on today from people with suspected coronavirus, five of these samples come from Suceava, from those with whom the patient was diagnosed. In Timisoara, too, there are several tests, most of them from colleagues with whom the 16-year-old adolescent, diagnosed with coronavirus, came into contact. Meanwhile, the authorities announced that 38 people are quarantined, and more than 11,300 are isolated at home and under medical supervision. At national level, 6 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed. One of the patients, however, healed and was discharged. The other patients are admitted to Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara, their health being good.

RADOR – Adelina Boboc