March, 25-th

7.4% of the labor force in Vaslui County, without activity

Over 4,200 employees from all over Vaslui county have suspended work contracts, according to official data. Of these, 641 were suspended in the last five days. This means that at present about 7.4% of the county’s workforce is without activity.
According to the Labor Inspectorate Vaslui, over 4,200 employees from all over the county have suspended work contracts at this time, amidst events generated by the coronavirus epidemic. Most of these contracts, almost 4,000, were suspended indefinitely. Therefore, at this moment, out of the total number of employees in the county, a percentage of 7.4% no longer performs their professional activity. The economic agents claim that they put their hopes in the Government’s measures, which will help them to cope with this very difficult period they are facing./opopescu

The Government”s goal is to increase the testing capacity for COVID-19 to over 2.000 tests per day

The objective of the government is to increase the testing capacity for COVID-19 to more than 2.000 tests per day, even at 2.500, within 5-7 days, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said last night. The prime minister pointed out that the government is developing procedures for the county hospitals to make direct purchases of such materials. The chief executive also made economic statements. Ludovic Orban announced that new analytical devices have already been purchased, which – he pointed out – are the only ones that can provide 100% reliable results, as opposed to so-called rapid tests that have a margin of error of over 20%. Ludovic Orban said that those in isolation will be monitored through an STS application. At this point, the prime minister warned that those who violate the restrictive measures risk the maximum penalty plus two additional years in jail, because we have a state of emergency. The Prime Minister also announced that in 5-7 days there are chances to reach 2.000, even 2.500 tests per day for COVID-19. Concerning economic measures, the chief executive announced that there are consultations between the Government, the National Bank and the banks on the postponement. temporary payment of rates./opopescu

National Institute of Public Health statistics

The list of coronavirus „red areas” for which quarantine is required for 14 days was updated last night and published on the website of the National Institute of Public Health. So, the so-called „red areas” are Italy, France, Germany , Spain and Iran. Romanian citizens returning from these countries will be quarantined for 14 days. Regarding the „yellow areas”, for which the isolation is required at home for 14 days,NIPH shows that all persons arriving from an international trip will be subject to this provision./opopescu