Wednesday June the 3-rd

Registration for the first session of the Baccalaureate exam begins on Wednesday

Registration begins today for the first session of the Baccalaureate exam. Candidates can do so by next Wednesday. They will send the documents by electronic means or by post. The exams will begin on June 22-nd, with the test for Romanian language and literature. The next day, the mother tongue exam is scheduled . On June 24-th, the mandatory profile test takes place, and the next day – the one of choice. As in the case of the National Assessment, high school graduates who have health problems during the exam will register for the special session, which begins on July 6-th./opopescu

Over 1.000 Dacia plant employees, again in technical unemployment

Over 1.000 Dacia plant employees are again in technical unemployment, with only 85% of the salary, because other Renault factories, for which they delivered parts, have not yet resumed their activity. There are two sections, where the shifts rotate, because the 3-rd shift is not yet operational. At the same time, in the engine section there are employees who will be technically unemployed throughout June. However, next month, in Mioveni, it is possible that activity will resume with the entire staff./opopescu

The lowest number of infections since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic

Only 119 new cases of coronavirus were registered yesterday in Romania, the lowest number since the beginning of the pandemic. The total of infections thus reaches 19.398, but over 13.500 cases have been declared cured. However, the number of those who died remains high. Another 12 deaths were reported yesterday, for a total of 1.288./opopescu

Ovidiu Popescu – RADOR