Tuesday 23-rd of June

The Romanian government imports the German „Kurzarbeit” model in order to support companies

The Romanian-German business environment encourages the Orban Government’s intention to adopt the model applied in Germany, „Kurzarbeit”, in order to support companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, „Kurzarbeit” is a flexible work schedule that helps employers avoid layoffs. Employees will work less or not at all, the employer will pay only the salary for the actual time worked, and the difference up to the full salary will be covered, for a limited period, by the state. The measure is part of the economic recovery plan prepared by the Orban Government, which will be launched in the near future./opopescu

The authorities reported on Monday 11 deaths from the new coronavirus

The authorities reported yesterday 11 deaths caused by coronavirus, raising the total balance in Romania to over 1,500. Four of the people who died yesterday had no other ailments. The Strategic Communication Group informed that in the last period of time 246 new cases of infection were confirmed, compared to 315 communicated the previous day./opopescu

Intense traffic at Romania”s borders, amidst the relaxation of some restrictions imposed by the pandemic

Traffic at Romania’s borders is intense during this period, after the relaxation of some restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. More than 77,000 people have passed through checkpoints across the country in the last 24 hours. About 42,000 people were on the way in, with 15,000 means of transport. The border with Hungary remains the busiest, with over 47,000 people, of whom almost 27,000 have entered the country. Following the checks performed by specialists, more than 7,000 people were sent in isolation or quarantine. The main crossing points where this measure was taken are Nădlac 1 and 2, Borș, Petea and Vărșand. The Border Police states that they are working at the maximum capacity allowed by the infrastructure of the crossing points. Currently, traffic runs smoothly, with no waiting times. The institution recommends the use of all points open to international traffic, in order to avoid congestion./opopescu