Thursday, July 2nd

The US Embassy in Bucharest will mark the 244th anniversary of America’s Independence

A reception will be held on Thursday at the US Embassy in Bucharest, to mark America’s 244th Independence Day anniversary. Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman has sent a message to Radio Romania about the good relations between the US and Romania.

Adrian Zuckerman: This year, the United States of America and Romania are celebrating 140 years of diplomatic relations. Romania is one of the closest military and economic allies of the US in Europe. Me and my team at the embassy are working together with the Romanian government and the Romanian people to enhance cooperation and to improve security, trade and investments, energy security and the rule of law. It is a great privilege to me to celebrate the Independence Day for the first time in my birth country along with Romanian friends and to reaffirm that the Romanian people has no better friend than the American people.

Another 450 people were tested positive for COVID-19 in Romania, in the last 24 hours

Romania has registered 20 more deaths related to the new coronavirus, officials have announced on Thursday. The total number of COVID-19 deaths in Romania has risen to 1.687. Another 450 people were tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours, compared to 325, announced on Wednesday. 237 infected patients are now in intensive care. Almost 800 people are in quarantine and more than 59.000 are isolating at home.

Tourism has been the Romanian sector hardest hit by the pandemic, the Statistics Institute says

Data from the Romanian Institute of Statistics, published on Thursday, have confirmed that tourism has been the area most affected by the pandemic. Official statistics show that accommodations in touristic units have fallen by 97% in May, compared to the same month in 2019. The average accommodation time was two days for Romanian tourists and three days for foreign tourists.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR