Wednesday, July 22nd

The Romanian airline Tarom has suspended commercial flights until August 15th

The Romanian air travel company Tarom has announced that it is suspending commercial flights until August 15th to and from the following countries: Egypt, Jordan, The Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Turkey and Lebanon. Earlier, Austria and Slovakia have banned flights to and from Romania, due to the hign number of COVID-19 confirmed cases. Also, Romanian authorities do not allow flights to and from Portugal and Sweden – European countries with a high number of infections with the new coronavirus. The Romanian Foreign Ministry has announced that several countries are currently imposing restrictions fore people that come from Romania. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Baltic states and Hungary.

Romania has recorded the highest number yet of new COVID-19 cases

The Romanian authorities have reported a record number of new coronavirus cases on Wednesday – 1030 confirmed cases, out of almost 25.000 tests, with 27 dew deaths, bringing the total number of fatalities to more than 2,100, out of an overall number of cases of 40.100, since the start of the pandemic in this country. The authorities have also announced that 293 people are currently admitted to intensive care. Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has warned that Romania is facing a surge of new COVID-19 cases, with a high risk of community transmission and has again called on the people to respect the social distancing rules.

The Romanian Naval Forces are taking part in the „Sea Breeze 20” multinational exercise

The „Rear admiral Eustatiu Sebastian” corvette and the „Queen Marry Frigate” from the Romanian Naval Forces are attending the „Sea Breeze 20” multinational exercise which is unfolding from July the 20th to July the 27th in Ukraine’s territorial waters, the Black Sea international waters and in the port of Odessa. „Sea Breeze 20” is organized and coordinated by The United States Naval Forces and the Ukrainian Naval Forces and involves more than 20 military ships, 19 aircraft and general staff officers from Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, Romania, Spain, US, Turkey and Ukraine – a total of around 2,000 personnel. The exercise is part of the plan of measures to ensure Allied security on the Eastern Flank pf NATO and is also an element of improved bilateral relations between Romania and Ukraine.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR