Tuesday, August 18

Romania’s election agenda in details

August 18 marks the deadline for candidates to file for Romania’s local elections on September 27. Election campaign starts on August 28, 30 days before elections. Political parties, minority groups as well as political and electoral alliances and independent candidates have only one day left to file for the race. Romanians are supposed to vote for the country’s mayors and county council chiefs and members. Officials of Romania’s Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) are expected to confirm on Wednesday validated candidacies while candidates rejected could file a complaint against the ruling no later than Thursday, August 20. Election campaign is scheduled to start on August 28 and it will end on September 26, at 7 AM (local time). Voters can aply for the vote until September 4, when mayors are supposed to update existing registrations. Polling stations will open on September 27 at 7 AM (local time) and close at 9 PM (local time). Counting process is expected to end no later than September 28.

Censure motion against Romania’s cabinet

Romania’s opposition left-wing Social Democratic Party (PSD) is expected to read its censure motion in parliament against the right-wing government of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday, at 12 (local time), according to a joint decision of parliament’s Permanent Bureaux. The PSD opposition and its allies criticise the Orban Cabinet for its handling of the coronavirus crisis and its measures designed to restore the country’s ailing economy. “I filed a complaint today against the most disastrous government Romania ever saw in 30 years“, PSD acting leader Marcel Ciolacu pointed out as quoted by Radio Romania on Tuesday. “Instead of coming up with solutions all Romanians expected, the Orban Cabinet became an aggravating factor of the pandemic“, Mr. Ciolacu said. In his reaction to PSD move, Prime Minister Orban told reporters “the Opposition embarked on an adventure with no target ahead which  would badly affect Romania in an extremely difficult moment”. Mr. Ciolacu said he would present Romania’s Presidency at the Cotroceni Palace with a new prime minister who didn’t belong to the PSD. The PSD leader stopped short of mentioning a name.

Romanian meat – EU’s cheapest

In 2019, the price of meat was highest in Austria and Luxembourg, followed by France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland, according to Eurostat, the EU’s Statistical Office in Luxembourg. Lowest price levels for meat were in Romania and Poland, followed by Bulgaria and Lithuania. In the first quarter of 2020, Romania imported 118,525 tonnes of meat, up 7.4 percent.from the same period in 2019, and the value of such imports increased by 43 percent, according to figures issued by the country’s Agriculture  Ministry.At the same time, meat exports between January – March 2020 were 4.2 times lower than imports.

Alexandru Danga