Monday, August 31st

The motion of no-confidence against the government of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban was cancelled due to a lack of quorum in parliament

The government of Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban survived a motion of no-confidence in parliament on Monday, as parliamentary debates and the vote were cancelled due to the lack of a parliamentary quorum. „There is no quorum. We couldn’t proceed with today’s scheduled agenda,” lower house speaker and Social Democrat leader Marcel Ciolacu told parliament. „Only 226 MPs were present against the required 233.” Asked by reporters if he would try to reschedule the vote, Ciolacu said: „There’s nothing to reschedule, it failed. We struggled to form a 233-seat parliament majority and we failed.” Ciolacu said his party would expel from all the members whose absence helped its no-confidence vote attempt to fail.

Romania is the second among EU countries that extract natural gas

The European Union’s gas output has fallen by 23% in the first quarter of this year, and Romania has remained the second in the ranking of countries that extract natural gas, according to the European Commission. The Netherlands is still the main gas producer in the EU, with seven billion cubic meters extracted in the first three months of this year, compared to ten billions, in the same period of 2019. Romania has had an output of 2.5 billion cubic meters, 5% less than last year, when it had an output of 2.6 billions. The gas consumption has decreased by more than 20% in Romania, Latvia, Finland and Slovakia, while in Estonia it was 14% lower than last year.

An aviation bomb from the Second World War has been found in the Romanian county of Ialomita

An aviation bomb from the Second World War has been found in the Romanian county of Ialomita, at Cosambesti, near the town of Slobozia on Monday. The fire squad was called at the emergency number 112 and took the projectile and transported it in order to safely destroy it. Specialists say that this kind of objects should not be touched, hit or moved, the area should be cleared and children must not be allowed to play near them.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR