Tuesday, September 1-st

Unemployment rate, slightly rising
The unemployment rate is up slightly, reaching 5.4% in July 2020, 0.1 percentage points higher than in June. According to the National Institute of Statistics, the number of people unemployed in July was 484.000, increasing both compared to the previous month, when there were 474.000 unemployed, and compared to the same month of the previous year, when 360.000 unemployed were registered. By sex, the unemployment rate for men exceeded by 1.6 percentage points that of women, the respective values ​​being 6.1% in the case of men and 4.5% in the case of women./opopescu
Primary school teachers can test for free for COVID-19
Primary school teachers can be tested for free, starting today, to detect specific antibodies for COVID-19, in the centers of the private medical network MedLife. Thus, teachers can be tested between September 1-14, in over 140 units in the country. The approach aims to measure the degree of immunization of primary school teachers. The initiative also aims to complement the measures taken by the authorities to increase safety in schools with the resumption of classes, so that, by following an extremely simple procedure, teachers can find out if they have come in contact with the virus and if they have acquired for a certain period natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2. If more than three teachers who have gone through the disease are identified within the same institution, MedLife also provides real-time PCR tests for the possible isolation of a possible outbreak./opopescu
New cases of coronavirus infection in Romania
The authorities recently announced 1.053 new cases of coronavirus infection, out of over 22.000 tests, the balance thus exceeding 88.500 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Most new cases in the last 24 hours were registered in Iaşi county, 95, Bucharest, 83, and Prahova county, 57. 60 deaths were also reported, the total number reaching 3.681. At the moment, 522 patients are hospitalized in Intensive Care units./opopescu
Ovidiu Popescu, RADOR