Monday, September 21-st

The Romanian capital market promotes to the status of „emerging market”

The Romanian capital market is included today in the indices of the global supplier FTSE Russell for emerging markets. The moment will be marked this morning at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, by an official opening of the trading session. Promoting Romania to the status of „emerging market” can be considered historic, because the new status means new investment opportunities. The first two Romanian companies to be included in the emerging market: Banca Transilvania and Nuclearelectrica. They should continue to meet the liquidity criteria in the next three months.

New cases of migrants trafficking have been registered in the west of the country

RADOR (September 21) – New cases of migrant trafficking have been registered in recent days in the west of the country. A Serbian guide was caught at the end of last week on a county road in Timiş while transporting nine Syrians in a car, including a minor. Following the investigation, it was established that they were trying to arrive illegally in a Western European country with the help of the Serbian citizen, who was to receive between 1.500 and 2.000 euros per person when they arrived at their destination. Two Romanian citizens who were transporting eight Turkish migrants by car were also found in the municipality of Timişoara. The migrants also said they intended to reach Western Europe and would pay the two guides between 5.000 and 6.000 euros per person. In both cases, investigations are being carried out for migrants trafficking and fraudulent border crossings. In addition, the Serbian guide was ordered remanded in custody for 30 days.

Romania exceeded for the first time in a week 9.000 new cases of COVID-19

Romania has exceeded for the first time in a week 9.000 new cases of COVID-19. The rate of positive results in the total number of tests performed also increased. Also, the transmissibility index has reached over 1 again, which means that the evolution of the epidemic is on the rise. Today’s report indicates 808 new infections in the last 24 hours, a high level for a Monday, with a percentage of over 10 percent represented by the positive results of the almost 8.000 tests performed. To date, more than 90.600 people have been cured of COVID-19, from the over 113.500 diagnosed at national level.

Ovidiu Popescu, RADOR