Wednesday, November 25-th

Prime minister Ludovic Orban will meet HoReCa representatives on Wednesday

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban meets again today with representatives of the hotels, restaurants and cafes sector, one of the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The Minister of Economy will also participate in the scheduled discussions and new solutions to compensate for losses in this area would be negotiated. So far, the government has provided tax breaks, continued to pay technical unemployment and paid more than 41% of the basic salary for employees. Two weeks ago, the executive also approved a state aid scheme through which companies in the hospitality industry will receive 20% of last year’s turnover. The restaurants were closed due to the large number of people infected with the new coronavirus and because of the cold weather the terraces can’t work very well, especially since the ones where the owners installed screens and other protection systems against the cold were also restricted. Businessmen in the field say they have losses of 80% and that almost 100.000 jobs will be lost by the end of the year./opopescu

Two mayoralties in the capital suspend their activity with the public

Two mayoralties in the capital suspend their activity, as a result of COVID-19 cases among employees. The City Hall of Sector 4 announced that it will take this measure from today until December 2-nd, a period in which activities that cannot be performed in a remote work regime are to be rescheduled. The City Hall of Sector 5 will also suspend its activity until December 7-th . Only employees of the Directorate for the Registration of Persons for the issuance of birth or death certificates will work with the public, in strict compliance with the sanitary norms applied. The civil marriages scheduled during this period will be held in Sector 5 with the participation of a maximum of six people. Representatives of the local authorities announced that all the spaces will be disinfected./opopescu

New doses of flu vaccine will be distributed to family doctors” offices

Over 900.000 doses of influenza vaccine will be delivered to the Public Health Directorates this week, which will be distributed in family doctors’ offices to continue the free immunization of people at high risk of disease. The Ministry of Health states that it has distributed 2,43 million doses of the vaccine, meaning over 80% of the total number purchased for the season 2020 – 2021. The last tranche of doses of influenza vaccine will be provided at the beginning of next month. According to INSP, at national level, the total number of cases of acute respiratory infections was 43.871, 48% lower compared to that recorded in that week of the previous season and 2,6% lower compared to the previous week. To date, only one confirmed case of influenza has been reported./opopescu