Thursday, December 31, 2020

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 continues in Romania

In Romania continues the vaccination campaign against coronavirus, where so far 5,666 people have been immunized. 17 minor side effects have been reported, and in 10 cases the side effect was fever. Another 4 people felt pain at the injection site, and 3 had allergic reactions such as hives. The president of the Romanian Society of Epidemiology, Doina Azoicăi, assures that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is administered in Romania, is safe, effective and offers protection even if mutations of the virus occur. Meanwhile, the number of new cases of COVID-19 rose again Wednesday for the fourth day in a row, 4,875 new cases were reported after almost 25,000 tests processed.

Romania sent humanitarian aid to Croatia

Romania sent humanitarian aid to Croatia, worth over 640 thousand lei (over 131.000 euros), as the country was hit by a series of earthquakes that affected the town of Petrinja in central Croatia. In addition, a Romanian assistance mission has already left for Croatia Thursday morning. „It was a mobilization in a record, fast time. It is about 14 modular constructions that are equipped with everything necessary to ensure the accommodation of some victims in the Petrinja area for a limited time. Apart from these, there are also other materials: beds, blankets and all the necessities for immediate accommodation”, said Gheorghe Alecsei, president of the National Agency for State Reserves and Special Problems (NASRSP). The Croatian government declared national mourning on January 2, 2021, after at least 7 people lost their lives in the earthquakes.

The Romanian electricity market liberalizes starting January 1st

The Romanian electricity market liberalizes starting January 1, 2021, but analysts accuse the Romanian authorities of mismanaging the matter, so that the price of energy could rise by up to 26 percent for certain consumers. The most at risk are the consumers who are currently in the regulated market and who do not sign any new contract, regardless of the supplier. On the still regulated market in Romania there are approximately six million household consumers who will automatically switch to the free market from January 1. Active consumers, i.e those who are informed and signed a contract with a supplier will have a price increase of up to five percent only. On the other hand, passive consumers, those who do not sign a new contract, will be automatically placed in a universal service contract, the most expensive on the market, regardless of the supplier. Any consumer who has been on the regulated market so far has two options to avoid this risk: either sign a new contract with the current supplier, or research the market and choose the best offer.

Nicolae Grigorescu – the best-selling Romanian artist in 2020

The Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu leads the top of the best-selling Romanian works of art in 2020 at auction on the domestic market, while Adrian Ghenie is the best-selling Romanian artist on the international market. The top of the lots of art or collectibles best sold publicly on the domestic market is led by ‘Peasant women with distaff’, a work awarded for the amount of 220 thousand euros on March 24. The ranking also includes works signed by Romanian painters Ștefan Luchian and Nicolae Tonitza./mbaciu