Thursday, February 11, 2021

Sibiu came fifth in the competition for the best touristic destinations in Europe

Sibiu came fifth in the competition for the best touristic destinations in Europe, in 2021, organized every year by the European Best Destinations Association. The voting took place online and ended last night. The most appreciated city was Braga, in Portugal, Rome came second and Cavtat, in Croatia, was on the third place. More than 60% of the votes expressed for Sibiu came from outside Romania.

Brâncuşi exhibition at The Romanian Peasant Museum

An exhibition dedicated to the Brâncuşi universe started on Wednesday, in Bucharest. In a space especially prepared by the Romanian Peasant Museum, visitors have the chance to experiment the interaction with the work of the great sculptor from a new perspective, one in which technology helps them better understand the man Constantin Brâncuşi and his thinking, says the curator of the exhibition, Silvana Dulamă Popa.
Silvana Dulamă Popa: “This is an exhibition that we have based on the public, actually, we started with a research, so to speak, among all the people we knew and, further, among people we didn’t know but we could reach, asking them what they believed about Brâncuşi. We asked them to tell us the first three words that come to mind when they think about Brâncuşi and, somehow, based on this research, doing a lot of research on Brâncuşi, we realized that there are details about his life that we can relate to more than the things we already know and that there is room for more and then we built this exhibition from the public towards Brâncuşi, as a way for you to interact with the real Brâncuşi and to see yourself in his entire work, like in a mirror, because we think that Brâncuşi is part of our DNA and I think we should know more about him.”
The exhibition “mirrors of Brâncuşi” takes place in several spaces, in “Edina Nicolau” hall, at The Romanian Peasant Museum. It can be visited until February the 24th, on Tuesdays and Sundays, between 10 am and 6 pm.

New cases of infection with the new variant of the coronavirus confirmed in Romania

New cases of infection with the new, British, variant of the coronavirus have been confirmed yesterday in Romania. The people involved live in Botoşani, and the viral charge has raised suspicions almost two weeks ago. Results have confirmed the hypothesis.
The Metagenomics and Molecular Biology Laboratory in the “Stefan cel Mare” University, in Suceava, has confirmed the infection with the British variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the case of three probes taken by the Public Health Direction in Botoşani, in Havârna, that is now in quarantine precisely because of the high number of infections in a short period of time. There is a 79 years old man and two women, of 84 and 78 of age, the latter being a contact for a person who came recently from the United Kingdom. All three of them have been isolated at home and haven’t developed a serios form of the disease. There have been suspicions concerning two other cases in Botoşani and lab tests have confirmed the presence of the new variant at a 52-year-old woman in Suliţa. The fifth case is a man, aged 60. The patients come from a community outbreak, with no historic of traveling to England but with some possible contacts with people who came from abroad. They are isolated at home and their evolution is favorable.

Alexandra Ioniță, RADOR